Interior Design Styles & Matching Tiles (Part 2)

Your Guide to Interior Design Styles & Matching Tiles (Part 2)

Today, we’re wrapping up our series about the most common interior design styles. In this blog post, you’ll learn about ten styles, including eclectic, industrial, Art Deco, and coastal, and discover the flooring choices we recommend for each one. You can check out Part 1 of this series here.

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Shabby Chic

Shabby chic interior design

The soft and feminine shabby chic aesthetic originated in the 18th century and gained popularity in the late 1980s, remaining a favorite ever since! This style is characterized by vintage furniture with unique touches. You’ll often see distressed or painted furniture items with a rustic appeal paired with glamorous accent pieces like crystal chandeliers.

Deco Wood White porcelain tile

Shabby chic blends elegance with coziness by using soft, muted colors and textures with a romantic feel. A few mainstays are white linen, chalk paint, ruffles, and floral patterns. One of the benefits of the shabby chic style is that as your furniture naturally becomes more worn over time, it matches the style even better and looks intentional in the space.

For this interior design style, we’ve chosen flooring with a chic, weathered look: Deco Wood White porcelain tile (pictured), Da Vinci porcelain tile, and Ronda Denim porcelain tile.


Eclectic interior design

Eclectic interior design involves a variety of carefully curated pieces from multiple styles and cultures for plenty of personality. It’s all about layers, neutrals with a few pops of color, and mixed textures and patterns, creating tons of visual interest.

Marrakech Blue Novina porcelain tile

There aren’t too many rules when it comes to eclectic interior design, as unpredictability is simply part of the aesthetic. Feel free to incorporate pieces from varying periods, global influences, styles, etc. Look for a few unexpected touches to complete the space.

We have some fun and funky flooring options to mix with the eclectic style: Simple White Large Penny Round ceramic mosaic tile, Marrakech Blue Novina porcelain tile (pictured), and Malaga Retro porcelain tile.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam interior design

As you may have guessed, the Hollywood glam interior design style is glamorous, luxurious, and sophisticated–made to draw attention and be seen. Originating during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s, Hollywood glam mixes influences of mid-century modern and Art Deco styles. (We discussed the mid-century modern style in Part 1, and you can scroll down to learn about the Art Deco style).

Bianco Carrara Marble Octave mosaic tile

Chic and eye-catching, Hollywood glam spaces feature plenty of high-contrast color combos. Black and white and green and hot pink are just a couple of popular options. Over-the-top accessories and decor, velvet sofas, bold patterns, geometric shapes, and mirrored, metallic, or high-gloss furniture are a few common attributes of this interior design style.

Some Hollywood glam spaces are full of dark, moody colors, while others have a soft pastel palette for a less overpowering look. Surfaces are polished and smooth, and materials like glass and crystal are frequently used. Vintage items with plenty of intricate details add the perfect touch.

We’ve chosen some glitzy, glamorous tile options to go with this style: Glam Black Marble Pebbles, Nero Marquina marble tile, and Bianco Carrara Marble Octave mosaic tile (pictured).


Coastal interior design

Coastal interior design is comfortable and lived-in, mainly consisting of shades of white, beige, and blue to mimic the sand, surf, and sky. For a bright and breezy look, minimal window treatments like sheer curtains allow a clear connection between the indoors and outdoors. 

An important distinction to remember is that coastal interior design is not the same as nautical interior design. Nautical interiors tend to be more kitschy, with lots of anchors, seashells, and cabana stripes in bright colors. Coastal interior design is more subtle. You might come across abstract paintings with a coastal vibe, striped wallpaper in neutral or muted shades, and glass vases in colors reminiscent of sea glass.

Fresno Oak porcelain tile

Wicker and jute furniture, as well as painted and distressed pieces, are often seen in coastal spaces. Indoor plants, white oak or teakwood floors with wide planks, and natural textures like driftwood and rope all contribute to coastal interior design.

Our flooring picks for this style include Appia Cross Cut Beige porcelain tile, Fresno Oak porcelain tile (pictured), and Hudson Beach Sand Marble Pebble mosaic tile.


Rustic interior design

Rustic interior design can be seen as the opposite of modern and contemporary styles (both of which we discussed last week in Part 1). Most rustic living rooms are centered around a statement fireplace, but in general, rustic interiors emphasize the organic and natural. They’re full of raw materials, reclaimed wood, and other natural elements. 

Forever Chestnut porcelain tile

A few components of rustic interior design include sheepskin and cowhides, industrial touches, plenty of texture, a lack of patterns, and a traditional color palette with warm whites, browns, beiges, and grays. Rustic spaces aren’t stuffy or pretentious; they should feel cozy and relaxed.

In a rustic space, you can’t go wrong with wood-look porcelain or vinyl flooring. A few of our favorites are Fresno Almond porcelain tile, Iris Walnut luxury vinyl tile, and Forever Chestnut porcelain tile (pictured).


Scandinavian interior design

The Danish concept of “hygge,” which generally represents a sense of coziness and comfortability, is paramount to Scandinavian design. Another important concept is “lagom,” which roughly translates to “just enough,” and embodies moderation, balance, and harmony.  

Scandinavian interior design is often one of the easier styles to recognize, with its white walls, light and airy spaces, and minimalistic vibe.

Iris Maple luxury vinyl tile

Other components of Scandinavian interiors are glass furniture, large mirrors, clean lines, touchable textures, layered fabrics, natural light, plants, and functional pieces. If you’re cultivating a Scandinavian space, don’t be afraid to embrace open spaces for a sense of freeness and flow. Aim for clutter-free cleanliness, rather than filling every available inch of space with decor.

Aside from white walls, you’ll see colors like ivory, tan, gray, and other light, airy shades in a Scandinavian interior design color palette.

Wood floors are often found in Scandinavian interiors, particularly light and bright options like pine, ash, and beechwood. A few of our selections include Iris Maple luxury vinyl tile (pictured), Forever Earth porcelain tile, and Flamen Blanco porcelain tile.


Industrial interior design

The industrial interior design style took hold when commercial buildings and industrial factories began to be converted into residential spaces after the Second Industrial Revolution, which took place from 1870 to 1914. As the population increased, many industrial spaces that had been left vacant were used for housing, and the industrial style is still popular today.

Stonelime Gris porcelain tile

A few hallmarks of this style are exposed brick, concrete, beams, and ductwork, as well as cozy textiles, oversized artwork, and unfinished furniture. Antique pieces are often part of industrial interiors as well. You’ll note lots of wood, metal, and concrete in these spaces.

We’ve chosen some suitable concrete- and wood-look options to pair with the industrial style: Earth Light Gray Paver porcelain tile, Stonelime Gris porcelain tile (pictured), and Powell Ell Oregon vinyl tile.

Art Deco

Art Deco interior design

The Art Deco movement grew in popularity in the United States from the 1910s to 1940s before being overtaken by the mid-century modern interior design style. However, it’s regained notoriety in recent years, with interior designers often incorporating some of its essential elements. 

Art Deco spaces usually contain a lot of metal (particularly brass and chrome) and glass. Pieces in this style often have jagged corners and pointed edges. You’ll see lots of oversized, comfortable furniture, as well as elaborate light fixtures that are used as focal points. Lush, luxurious materials, like velvet and silk, are frequently used for an opulent look and feel. Rich colors like metallics and deep jewel tones abound.


Marrakech Modern porcelain tile
Geometric shapes are a hallmark of the strong, bold Art Deco style. From chevrons to trapezoids, zigzags, sunbursts, and triangles, there’s no lack of visual interest in these spaces. Wood flooring in a parquet or herringbone pattern is a popular choice, as are black-and-white checkerboard floors and large rugs with geometric patterns. 


We have some fun, dynamic flooring options to go with the Art Deco style: Marrakech Modern porcelain tile (pictured), Dynasty Wooden White Marble mosaic tile, and Haisa Light White Oak Hexagon mosaic tile.

Asian Zen

Asian Zen interior design

The Asian Zen style combines Zen philosophy with traditional Asian style elements. The idea of “feng shui,” or carefully arranging items in a space to promote harmony and balance, is often utilized in Asian Zen spaces.

This style is elegant, minimalistic, and serene. The neutral color palette comes directly from nature, and you’ll notice interesting shapes, sleek lines, and balanced asymmetry.

Crema Marfil marble tile

Asian Zen spaces typically use more circles than squares. Large spaces can be broken into smaller areas using sliding door panels or curtains. Natural light, natural materials, and other natural elements are all at home in Asian Zen interiors.

A few suitable flooring options for Asian Zen spaces are Fume Tobacco luxury vinyl tile, Crema Marfil marble tile (pictured), and Manhattan Ash porcelain tile.

French Country

French Country interior design

French Country blends aspects of farmhouse, traditional, and shabby chic interior design styles for an ultimate sense of sophistication. It has a feminine, romantic feel that’s calm and inviting.

Several elements of the French Country style include antique furniture pieces, natural materials like wrought iron, stone, and wood, raw textures, distressed finishes, ornate details, and plush or tufted upholstery. There’s a balance between delicate, elegant accents and more down-to-earth pieces.

Fume Maple luxury vinyl tile

The color scheme typically includes lavender, blush, sage green, beige, cream, and other soft, muted shades in warm tones. Plants, especially floral bouquets, often influence decor. You’ll see patterns like toile (short for Toile de Jouy, a detailed pastoral scene repeated in one color on a white or cream background), gingham, stripes, plaid, and checks.

Our flooring picks for French Country interior design include San Fran White porcelain tile, Cappuccino marble tile, and Fume Maple luxury vinyl tile (pictured).

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