Exploring Tile Patterns

Exploring Tile Patterns

Patterns are an excellent way to add visual interest to your interior design. Below, we’ll explore each of the categories you’ll find under the “Shop by Pattern” menu at Tilezz.com. From basketweave to herringbone, classic square to subway tile, there’s truly something for everyone!


Basketweave is just as it sounds: a pattern that mimics the weave of a basket, with interlacing warp and weft threads that create an intricate criss-cross look.

 Simple White and Gray Basketweave Ceramic Mosaic

Our Simple collection was created to add an upbeat, dynamic flair to any room in your home. This basketweave tile can be used on the floor, wall, or even in the shower, as shown above.


Chevron is a pattern consisting of a series of parallelograms placed in a smooth zig-zag formation. While chevron and herringbone are often confused, you can tell them apart by looking to see if the pattern is perfectly symmetrical. Chevron will always create a mirrored “V” for a more seamless appearance.

White Quarry Chevron Pattern Marble Mosaic 

This gorgeous tile features White Oak Marble, which resembles hardwood oak, thanks to its natural linear pattern. White Oak Marble contains soft white and gray tones and makes an elegant addition to any space.


The popular herringbone pattern is made up of individual rectangles placed in offset zig-zags, similar to the look of a braid or the bones of a herring fish. Visit our Tile Type Spotlight blog post on herringbone to learn everything you need to know about this tile pattern.

Simple Antique White Skinny Herringbone Ceramic Mosaic 

This skinny herringbone mosaic tile is the perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash or any other wall application.


A hexagon is defined as a six-sided polygon. Geometric shapes can be a great way to add eye-catching visual interest to a room, especially when combining various colors for an abstract art look, as in the photo below.

Venice Black 5x6 Hexagon Porcelain Tile, Venice Blanco 5x6 Hexagon Porcelain Tile, Venice Gris 5x6 Hexagon Porcelain Tile, and Venice Acero 5x6 Hexagon Porcelain Tile 

Combining four shades of the Venice hexagon tile makes for a spectacularly striking piece of art. Continuing the floor tile up the wall only adds to the intrigue. It’s no wonder that the Venice collection is known for having its own personality and featuring contemporary, trendy colors that bring out the best in every space.


An octagon is an eight-sided polygon, and it can be used to create very classic geometric looks like the one below, which combines octagons and diamonds.

 Simple White Octagon Ceramic Mosaic

If you like simple, traditional tile patterns, this one may be a good option for you! It also comes in two other color combinations: white and gray and white and black.

Penny Round

The penny round pattern consists of small, round tiles. Often, these tiles are as small as pennies (thus the name penny round), but you’ll also see larger variations available. Penny round tile usually comes in square mosaics of rows of round tiles, rather than individual tiny tiles.

Simple Sky Blue Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic 

This type of tile can be a great choice for bathroom floors because the amount of grout required creates more traction, rather than leaving behind a slippery surface. We love the sky blue shade in the bathroom pictured above, but you can also select from a range of other colors: black, white, gray, pearl, cream, red, navy blue, and mint green are just a few.


The scallop pattern consists of offset rows of shell motifs. It can also be seen as a fish scale pattern.

Clover Bayberry Fishscale Mosaic 

The beautiful blue-green shade and glossy finish of this Clover mosaic tile is sure to breathe new life into your interior design. It’s on-trend for an updated look, but its durable construction means it’ll last for years to come.


We may all be familiar with classic square tiles, but you might consider adding a little fun to this traditional choice by creating a pattern with the tiles themselves. The Belize collection (shown below) is the ideal option if you’d like to create large, eye-catching patterns on the walls or floor.

 Belize Petrol Blue Lines 8x8 Porcelain Tile

The Belize collection was inspired by tribal prints in cool tones that are easy to combine. Play around and discover the wide range of patterns that can be created!

Subway Tile

The technical definition of subway tile refers to white, rectangular 3x6 tiles that are laid horizontally with a 50% offset. However, current interior design trends have strayed from this rigid definition to include subway tiles of varying sizes and colors. You’ll even see subway tiles laid vertically for a unique look that seems to extend the height of the room! Discover additional subway tile variations in this blog post.

Chanelle Princess Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile

This pretty pink shower tile makes for a truly princess-like experience. Paired with gold fixtures and classic white penny round flooring, this shower adds a sense of opulence and luxury to the bathroom. The Chanelle collection was inspired by the movement of water and features a unique texture and fresh color palette to stimulate the senses and create an oasis in the comfort of your own home.

Find Your Favorite Pattern at Tilezz.com!

Whether you prefer patterns or something more plain, the wide selection at Tilezz.com is sure to have what you’re looking for. We make shopping for tile online as easy as possible with fast delivery, insured shipments, and easy returns. Take a look at our product range here, or visit our blog for more inspiration and DIY installation tips.

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