4 Fresh Variations on Subway Tile

Zellige White 2x16 Glossy Ceramic Tile

Subway tile is a common choice for backsplashes, showers, accent walls, and many other interior design projects. It’s been around for over 100 years and has remained a classic, timeless choice ever since–you simply can’t go wrong with subway tile!

While many love the clean, traditional look of three-inch by six-inch white tiles with a 50% offset, others prefer fresh, modern variations on this long-standing trend. Today, we’ll be discussing four types of subway tile that are sure to add a contemporary feel and plenty of visual interest to your home.

1.   Jewel-Toned

We talked about our love for jewel-toned tile in this blog post, and selecting subway tiles in unexpected, bright colors like the emerald and sapphire below remains one of our favorite ways to breathe new life into this classic tile style. Try stacking the tiles vertically rather than horizontally to be even more daring.

Chanelle Emerald Green 3x12 Ceramic Tile

2.   Textured

Texture can elevate even the most neutral colors, like beige, gray, and white. The crackled and wavy textures below add a new level of appeal and interest to otherwise traditional-looking tiles.

3.   Reverse Beveled

If you’re interested in a subway tile variation that really stands out, then the reverse beveled look may be the one for you. A fun reversal of the classic beveled appearance makes these subway tile variations look modern and trendy.

4.   Brick Look

Fans of the industrial aesthetic will love these brick-look subway tiles. Their color variation and touchable texture can take any room’s interior design to the next level.

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