Add a Splash of Color with Jewel-Toned Tile

Bathroom with emerald green tiled wall

If you’d like your interior design to be brighter and more vibrant, try out jewel-toned tile! It’s fun, beautiful, and eye-catching, and it brings life and intensity to your space. Learn about what jewel tones are and how to incorporate them into your interior design below.

What Are Jewel Tones?

Bathroom with topaz wall tile

Jewel tones are just what you'd imagine them to be: rich, saturated hues that imitate the colors of gemstones. They’re typically variations of green, purple, blue, yellow, and red such as emerald, amethyst, sapphire, topaz, citrine, and ruby.

9 Tips for Incorporating Jewel Tones Into Your Interior Design

Dining room with emerald-colored chairsInterested in adding jewel-toned tile to your home? Here are a few pointers!

1. Don’t be afraid to use jewel tones–they’re more versatile than you might expect, and they’ll never go out of style!

2. There are two main ways to go with jewel tones: using them as accents or fully committing by adding the colors to major elements of the room. If you want to commit, create an accent wall or replace your flooring with jewel-toned tile. But if you’re not ready to dive into the deep end just yet, try using the colors as accents in a backsplash or fireplace surround.

Room with sapphire-colored walls

3. Use jewel tones to emphasize the focal points of the room.

4. Jewel tones can be a fun surprise in an entryway, shower, or hallway.

5. If you’re working with a room that doesn’t get much natural light, embrace the moodiness and create a monochromatic look with your chosen jewel tone. For a lighter, brighter room, try opting for jewel tones as fun accents and pairing them with neutrals.

Room with topaz accents

6. Choose tiles with a glossy finish to truly emulate the look of jewels. This makes them feel much more opulent and luxurious.

7. Consider putting two jewel tones together by selecting shades opposite each other on the color wheel. This creates amazing contrast and brings energy to the room.

8. Balance out jewel tones with black and white.

9. Have fun with metallic accents, especially gold, silver, and copper.

Room with citrine-colored chair

Our Favorite Jewel-Toned Tile Options

Ruby: Simple Red Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic

Simple Red Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic 

Emerald: Chanelle Emerald Green 3x12 Ceramic Tile

Chanelle Emerald Green 3x12 Ceramic Tile 

Sapphire: Chanelle Sapphire Blue 3x12 Picket Ceramic Tile

Chanelle Sapphire Blue 3x12 Picket Ceramic Tile 

Topaz: Chanelle Scuba Blue 3x12 Ceramic Tile

Chanelle Scuba Blue 3x12 Ceramic Tile 

Citrine: Honey Onyx 2x2 Mosaic Tile

 Honey Onyx 2x2 Mosaic Tile

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