Tile Color Highlight: Blush Pink

Bathroom with pink tile wall

If you adore the color pink but have been hesitant to incorporate it into your interior design, you won’t want to miss this blog post! We’ll discuss the psychology behind this feminine shade, offer color palette suggestions, and share our favorite blush pink tiles.

Psychology of the Color Pink

Bedroom with pink wall and pink lamp 

Color psychology looks at the associations connected to different colors. Light or blush pink is a calming shade representing kindness, innocence, tenderness, and hope.

Pink also has links to optimism. When we talk about seeing a person through “rose-colored glasses,” we mean that we’re only seeing that person’s positive attributes.

In the Western world, we associate the color pink with femininity and female strength. However, this isn’t the case worldwide. In Japanese culture, the color pink represents masculine characteristics.

Pink is also related to love, and not only romantic love, but also familial love due to the color’s connection with nurturing and caring for others.

Using Pink in Interior Design

Living room with pink chair 

Using blush pink in your interior design brings a new level of sophistication to the room. Different shades of pink come with different aesthetics, and blush pink is softer and more delicate. It has a tranquil, ethereal type of visual appeal that adds a relaxing touch to the space.

To integrate blush pink into your home, consider using it as a neutral in place of tan or beige. Combine it with other soft colors to create a neutral palette with a unique flair.

For a subtler approach, use blush pink as a contrasting shade with neutrals like white, charcoal, and black.

Our Favorite Blush Pink Tiles

Pink tiles can be used in any room for light, delicate visual appeal and a feminine touch. Take a look at our favorite pink tile choices below!

Boise Whisper Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile

Boise Whisper Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile


The Boise series was created to transport you into a world filled with color and possibility. This blush pink subway tile has a gorgeous satin finish that finds the perfect compromise between matte and glossy. Use this tile as a kitchen backsplash or accent wall.

Eiffel Shell Pink/White 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Eiffel Shell Pink/White 8x8 Porcelain Tile  

This art deco-inspired tile is simultaneously subtle and exuberant. The classic shell pattern in blush pink and soft white is feminine and gentle yet packs a strong impact. It looks incredible in bathrooms and entryways.

Eiffel Shell White/Pink 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Eiffel Shell White/Pink 8x8 Porcelain Tile  

If the last blush pink tile was just a bit too pink for you, allow us to introduce you to this version of the Eiffel Shell tile, which swaps the pink and white sections for a more understated pink influence. Whether you use it for floor or wall tile, it’s sure to shine.

Chanelle Princess Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile

Chanelle Princess Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile  

The Chanelle collection was inspired by the movement of water, so it’s no wonder it looks amazing as a bathroom backsplash or shower tile! Create an oasis in your own home and stimulate your senses with glossy, textured blush pink tile.

Lennox Rosa Velante Mosaic

Lennox Rosa Velante Mosaic 

The exquisite touches of blush pink within this stunning marble mosaic add just a bit of feminine flair and opulence. The Lennox Collection is all about adding pizzazz to your decor with elegant geometric designs. This mosaic tile would look beautiful as flooring for a living space or as an eye-catching fireplace surround.

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