The Top 5 Tile Trends of 2022

The Top 5 Tile Trends of 2022

While it’s always safe to choose timeless materials and patterns, it’s even more fun and exciting to embrace new trends! Today, we’ll be discussing the top five tile trends of the year 2022. From contemporary colors to stylish designs, shapes, and textures, learn all about the tile choices that are currently skyrocketing in popularity. By the end of this blog post, you may even find some trendy tile options to freshen up your interior design!

1. 2022 Colors of the Year

Paint chips in various colors

One way to jump into this year’s trends is to choose tiles in the 2022 Colors of the Year. Krylon’s Satin Rolling Surf and Better Homes & Gardens’ Laurel Leaf are two of our favorites.

Satin Rolling Surf

Many current home interior design trends are driven by the recent focus on mindfulness and well-being, and this is what Satin Rolling Surf reflects. Krylon selected this vibrant teal shade, which brings feelings of balance, stability, and optimism with it, as its Color of the Year 2022.

Satin Rolling Surf also emphasizes an element of nature and calmness that makes it an excellent choice for any space where you want to feel more centered and relaxed. Below, find a couple of gorgeous tiles in this shade that are perfect for keeping up with this trend.

Clover Bayberry Fishscale Mosaic

Clover Bayberry Fishscale Mosaic, a durable ceramic tile with a glossy finish that breathes life into any room

Chanelle Peacock Subway Tile
Chanelle Peacock Subway Tile, another ceramic tile that transforms your space into an oasis

Laurel Leaf

Laurel Leaf is Better Homes & Gardens’ first Color of the Year, and it’s a dusty green shade reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves. It follows the current trend of bringing nature indoors, much like Satin Rolling Surf. Below, we have one tile in the shade Laurel Leaf, and one that brings together the two Colors of the Year in a beautiful mosaic format.

St. Lucia Green Wall Tile

St. Lucia Green Wall Tile, a glazed ceramic tile with a handmade look and Mediterranean feel

Nevis Agate Pebble Mosaic

Nevis Agate Pebble Mosaic, a glazed porcelain tile that incorporates multiple shades of blue, green, and white to induce calmness and clarity

2. Textured Tile

Texture is all the rage in today’s interior design trends. Traditionally, tile was always installed to be flat and right-angled. Nowadays, we’re moving away from classic applications to add more texture and character to our walls and floors. Tiles with bumps and grooves that beg to be touched are quickly growing in popularity. And as printing technology becomes more sophisticated and advanced, it’s easier than ever to mass-produce tiles with richly textured surfaces and 3D finishes. Check out a few of our favorites below.

Titan Interlocking Textured Porcelain and Stone Mosaic Tile

Titan Interlocking Textured Porcelain and Stone Mosaic Tile, an amazing choice for kitchen backsplashes that creates drama with rich shades of black and gray


Skye Taupe Porcelain Tile
Skye Taupe Porcelain Tile, a minimalistic selection with an industrial flair 
Scabos Travertine Honed Random Strip Mosaic Tile

Scabos Travertine Honed Random Strip Mosaic Tile, a natural stone option with swirling deposits in light cream, orange, red, gold, brown, and dark gray

3. Geometric Shapes

Another growing trend in 2022 is tile in geometric shapes. From triangles and parallelograms to diamonds and hexagons, take a break from the classic square and rectangular tile choices to add more variety to your interior design. Take a look at some of some enticing examples of this 2022 tile trend below.

Black Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Black Hexagon Mosaic Tile, a dynamic ceramic option with a matte finish that looks fantastic with both complementary and contrasting grout

Honey Onyx Diamond Mosaic Tile

Honey Onyx Diamond Mosaic Tile, a natural stone selection with a polished finish that adds luminosity and radiance to any room

Harlow Picket Stone Glass Metal Mosaic Tile

Harlow Picket Stone Glass Metal Mosaic Tile, a unique combination of materials in a picket pattern with shades of white, gray, and silver

4. Extended Floor Tile

This 2022 tile trend began with the continuation of wallpaper; instead of stopping at the top of the wall, wallpaper is now being applied to the ceiling as well. Now, this trend is being reflected in tile choices, with tile moving up the wall rather than staying on the floor. You can execute this trend with any type of tile, but we’ve included a couple of inspiration photos. 

Encaustic Look Ronda Leaves Floor Tile 

Encaustic Look Ronda Leaves Floor Tile, a porcelain tile with a matte finish that brings the essence of the outdoors inside

Statuario White Marble Field Tile

Statuario White Marble Field Tile, an elegant Italian stone option with a striking pattern and bold gray veining

5. Patterned Tile

The final top tile trend of 2022 that we’ll be discussing today is patterned tile. This has been in style for quite a while now, but we’re seeing a slight move away from traditional encaustic patterns in favor of more floral and geometric selections. Below, we’ve included a few variations of this trend that have us feeling inspired. 

Encaustic Look Marrakech Novina Tile

Encaustic Look Marrakech Novina Tile, a bold porcelain tile with a matte finish that makes your floor (or walls) pop

Carrara White Forest Glass Blend Daisy Flowers Mosaic

Carrara White Forest Glass Blend Daisy Flowers Mosaic, a whimsical option made from a mix of Carrara marble and glass with a shiny finish

Nero Marquina + Gold Brass Hexagon Marble Waterjet Mosaic

Nero Marquina + Gold Brass Hexagon Marble Waterjet Mosaic, made from a mix of breathtaking natural stone and brass with a semi-glossy finish

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