Top 10 Best-Selling Natural Stone Floor Tiles

In this blog post, you’ll discover our top ten best-selling floor tiles. Learn about where they came from, what makes them special, and how you can incorporate them into your interior design!

Porcelain and ceramic tile come in many varieties. In this blog post, we’ll be covering the different looks available at You’ll learn about what each look is and how to style it. We’ll also provide some product recommendations to make it easier for you to discover the ideal tile to complete your interior design project!

1.  Thassos White 12x12 Marble Field Tile

Thassos White 12x12 Marble Field Tile

Our number one best-selling floor tile is this gorgeous Thassos White Marble, which comes in polished and honed finishes, depending on your personal preference. (Honed tile has a smooth, even, matte finish. Meanwhile, polished tile has a shiny, glossy finish.) The name “Thassos” comes from the Greek island of Thassos, where marble has been quarried since ancient times.

This tile’s brilliant pure white color is reminiscent of crystalline refined sugar. The 12-inch by 12-inch squares create a bright and airy aesthetic for a timeless appeal that’s suitable for both traditional and contemporary interior design schemes. Each tile is ⅜” thick and works wonderfully for residential and commercial walls and floors.

Our Thassos White Marble tile looks incredibly luxurious when used for bathroom floors and shower walls. It also adds a light and airy look to kitchens and living rooms with open floor plans. Since it’s white, this tile meshes well with many different color schemes.

2.  Honey Onyx 12x12 Field Tile

Honey Onyx 12x12 Field Tile

Our second best-seller is this beautiful Honey Onyx, which has a glossy polished finish. Honey Onyx is a type of calcite, and it’s quite unique, with warm yellow, gold, and orange tones that create a distinctive pattern. Add luminosity and beauty to any residential or commercial space with this field tile ideal for both walls and floors.

Fill shower walls with these ⅜”-thick, 12-inch by 12-inch squares, or use Honey Onyx field tile as flooring throughout the living areas of your home. Although Honey Onyx has an expensive look, it’s actually much more affordable than many luxury options on the market. You can make your home or commercial space look elegant and lavish without having to pay an arm and a leg for tile.

3.  Thassos White Marble A-1 Extra White 12x24 Field Tile

Thassos White Marble A-1 Extra White 12x24 Field Tile

This best-selling Grecian tile is similar to our number-one best-seller, but what sets it apart is its rectangular shape that measures 12 by 24 inches. Mix this Thassos White Marble tile with the 12-by-12 squares for an aesthetically pleasing pattern. You’ll create a fresh, timeless look with plenty of visual interest.

Just like our other Thassos White Marble tile, this one is ⅜” thick and can be used for residential and commercial walls and floors. With its radiant white color and your choice of polished or honed finish, it complements multiple different color schemes and enhances the look of any space in which it’s installed. This tile's rectangular shape looks especially lovely as flooring for commercial buildings. However, it is also a fantastic choice for any space with a traditional or even contemporary design scheme.

4.  Nero Marquina 12x12 Marble Field Tile

Nero Marquina 12x12 Marble Field Tile

This eye-catching black marble tile with stark white veining originates in Markina-Xemein, Basque Country in northern Spain. It has a sleek, luxurious look that brings with it an air of elegance. Our Nero Marquina Marble tile has a fine, compact black grain with abundant white veins that provide high contrast.

Each 12-inch by 12-inch tile is ⅜” thick and can be used for residential and commercial walls and floors. It comes in two finishes, polished and honed (matte). It looks gorgeous when used for the walls of a commercial restroom in a high-end building, but it’s just as beautiful as the back wall of a bar or even in a sophisticated sitting room.

5.  Honey Onyx 18x18 Field Tile

Honey Onyx 18x18 Field Tile

In contrast to #2 on our list, this Honey Onyx tile measures 18 inches by 18 inches, covering 2.25 square feet per individual tile. Create a completely unique flooring or wall pattern for your residential or commercial space by mixing the 18-by-18 and 12-by-12 squares. One reviewer raved, “I couldn't believe how beautiful and translucent this tile was. Even better than the picture.”

Just like the other Honey Onyx tile above, these tiles have a polished finish and distinctive pattern with tones of orange, yellow, and gold. This luminous stone adds radiance to any space and pairs beautifully with white quartz, soft white, gray, and black color schemes. Solid colors with warm undertones mesh well with Honey Onyx while allowing it to remain the star of the show.

6.  Carrara White Marble 12x24 Field Tile

Carrara White Marble 12x24 Field Tile

If you’re looking for a classic yet distinctive white marble option, our sixth best-selling tile may be the perfect choice for you. Our Carrara White Marble tiles measure 12 inches by 24 inches and are ⅜” thick. Each tile features classic white marble with mixed fleuri and vein cut. Fleuri refers to tile that is cross-cut, or cut along the natural layers found across the stone bed. Vein-cut stone, however, has been cut across its natural layers, which results in a distinctive dark veining.

These two different cut styles combine to create unique yet subtle patterns in the finished tile. You’ll see both gray and gold-tinted veining throughout each tile, creating dimension and visual interest. We offer both honed and polished finish options, so you can select the one that best suits your interior design.

This Carrara White Marble tile originates in Italy and is recommended for both commercial and residential use. It looks amazing when used as flooring, covering the walls, or acting as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Its subtle elegance elevates any space.

7.  Calacatta Gold Marble 12x24 Honed Field Tile

Calacatta Gold Marble 12x24 Honed Field Tile

There’s a reason why two of our Calacatta Gold Marble options made it to the Top 10 Best-Sellers list! Calacatta Gold Marble is absolutely exquisite, with its polished white base color and gold and gray veining. This option features 12-inch by 24-inch tiles, which each cover two square feet and are ⅜” thick. Each tile has a matte honed finish.

Originating in Italy, Calacatta Gold Marble has been a highly desired stone for centuries. Thanks to the elegance and sophistication it brings to a space, it’s been a staple in beautiful homes going back hundreds of years. This tile is ideal for both residential and commercial walls and floors.

8.  Emperador Dark 12x12 Marble Polished Field Tile

Emperador Dark 12x12 Marble Polished Field Tile

In search of a darker tile option? Look no further–the gorgeous Emperador Dark Marble is an excellent choice. Hailing from Spain, this shiny polished tile features a mixture of dark, rich browns and grays.

Each tile square measures 12 inches by 12 inches and is ⅜” thick. The Emperador Dark Marble is suitable for commercial and residential properties and looks especially nice in kitchens and bathrooms. It makes for a beautiful shower or can be used as flooring. Alternatively, you can utilize it as an accent piece among other tile options.

9.  Carrara White 12x12 Marble Field Tile

Carrara White 12x12 Marble Field Tile

These Carrara White Marble 12-inch by 12-inch tiles are a classic selection that looks great anywhere in your home or commercial space. They feature a mixed cut that includes fleuri-cut and vein-cut marble for a subtly varied look with a distinctive pattern. You’ll notice gray and gold-tinted veining that truly makes this tile stand out and look dimensional.

The marble for this tile comes from Italy and works amazingly for flooring, walls, and backsplashes. (See our guide to kitchen backsplashes for more information on backsplash material, design, and installation.) For this best-selling tile option, you can select either a shiny polished finish or a matte honed finish.

10.  Calacatta Gold Marble 12x24 Polished Field Tile

Calacatta Gold Marble 12x24 Polished Field Tile

Our final tile in the top ten is this lovely Calacatta Gold 12-inch by 24-inch tile, which originates in Italy. This tile is very similar to the other Calacatta Gold option mentioned above (#7), but the difference is that this tile has a shiny, glossy polished finish.

This Calacatta Gold tile is sophisticated and elegant, and it adds a touch of luxury wherever it is installed. It’s recommended for residential and commercial floors and walls and goes perfectly in bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

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