How to Style Mosaic Tile

Room with mosaic tile

If you’re a fan of interior design with lots of colors, textures, shapes, and patterns, then you’re sure to love mosaic tile! In this blog post, we’ll cover what mosaic tile is and why you might want to choose it over regular tile. Plus, we’ll discuss eight locations in your home where mosaic tile will look amazing, and then we’ll go over nine style variations.

What Is Mosaic Tile? Blue mosaic tile

Put simply, mosaic tile consists of a design made up of many smaller pieces of tile. It’s any combination of tile shapes, sizes, materials, and colors that are set on a mesh-mounted sheet for easy installation. You’ll find mosaic tiles made of metal, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

Why Choose Mosaic Tile Over Regular Tile?

Black/gray hexagon mosaic tile 

One major benefit of mosaic tile is that it provides lots of traction, making it an excellent option for slippery areas like pools and showers. Since it’s made up of many small pieces of tile, there are lots of grout lines to make it safer and more secure.

Mosaic tile tends to be even more eye-catching than regular tile because of its variety in shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. It enables creative interior design choices and works fantastically for murals, statement walls, and any area that needs more visual interest.

Additionally, mosaic tile is extremely versatile, as you’ll learn later in this article. It works well in many different spaces and comes in unlimited variations.

8 Places to Put Mosaic Tile

1. Feature Walls

 Bathroom with herringbone mosaic backsplash

Mosaic tile makes for a fantastic feature wall! It truly stands out, especially when paired with neutral paint and decor on the other walls in the room.

2. Backsplashes

 Kitchen mosaic backsplash

Try a backsplash with mosaic tile for a pop of visual interest in the kitchen or bathroom! Not only will it protect your wall, but it’ll also upgrade your interior design.

3. Showers

 Shower with mosaic tile

Mosaic tile is a particularly wonderful choice for showers because of its traction.

4. Pools

Pool with blue mosaic tile 

If you want to have a breathtaking swimming pool, mosaic tile is all you need. Go with the traditional blue grid, or branch out with other colors, designs, and materials.

5. Flooring

Mosaic tile floor 

Of course, another area where mosaic tile truly shines is the floor. However, a word of caution: Try to stick with understated wall colors if you opt for mosaic flooring. Too many colors and designs in the same space can be overwhelming!

6. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island with mosaic tile 

Upgrade your kitchen island by adding some mosaic tile to the sides. Match it to the backsplash or choose a mosaic in colors that coordinate with the rest of the kitchen.

7. Bars

Bar with mosaic tile 

Similar to a kitchen island, you can spruce up a bar by adding mosaic tile to the side. This can truly refresh the bar area and make it look new!

8. Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace with mosaic tile 

Finally, the fireplace surround is yet another amazing area to utilize mosaic tile.

9 Mosaic Tile Styles

Below, find just a few of the many mosaic tile styles that are available!

1. Geometric

Geometric tiles are pleasing to the eye, and this black marble and gold brass mosaic is a fantastic option for the shower or kitchen backsplash.

 Nero Marquina & Gold Brass Triangle Marble Mosaic

2. Colorful

Want to add a pop of color to your bathroom or pool? This gorgeous pebble mosaic has shades of gold, green, blue, and brown for a nature-inspired color scheme.

 Nevis Gold Earth Pebble Mosaic

3. Grid

You can’t go wrong with a classic grid mosaic, and this one made from Scabos Travertine adds a touch of luxury anywhere it’s installed.

 Scabos Travertine 1x1 Tumbled Mosaic

4. Interlocking Pattern

This interlocking pattern made of two types of marble is truly beautiful and would look fabulous in a bathroom.

 Calacatta Gold & Thassos White Fretwork Mosaic

5. Penny Round

Reminiscent of the ocean, this pool-rated penny round mosaic is perfect for your pool.

Stella Cascade Penny Round Glass Mosaic 

6. Hexagon

These sleek black marble hexagons can be used on walls, floors, or anywhere you’d like!

 Nero Marquina Hexagon 2” Marble Mosaic

7. Textured

These textured 3D squares make for a truly touchable accent wall.

 Thassos White 3D Squares Marble Mosaic

8. Mini Subway Tile

Subway tile is a classic selection, and this miniature beveled version would look great as a kitchen backsplash.

 Carrara White Marble 2x4 Beveled Mosaic

9. Herringbone

Herringbone is a traditional pattern that looks amazing in a variety of spaces, and this tile mixes white and blue marble for an elegant, refined aesthetic.

 Thassos White & Azul Celeste Herringbone 1x4 Mosaic

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