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5 Photos for Fireplace Tile Inspiration

 Marble floor-to-ceiling fireplace

The area surrounding your fireplace provides a terrific opportunity to make a statement with your interior design choices. Much like a kitchen backsplash, your fireplace surround can become the room’s focal point, providing tons of visual interest. In this blog post, we’ll check out five photos for inspiration and show you how to get the look.

Black Marble

Black marble fireplace 
This sleek black surround is an excellent choice for a dark, moody aesthetic.

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Veneziane Terrazzo Black Porcelain Tile

This gorgeous black terrazzo tile is cut precisely around the edges for a clean, seamless look with minimal grout lines, much like the inspiration photo above.

Gray and White Stone

 Gray and white stone fireplace

When creating a light, airy atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with gray and white stone.

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Carrara White Marble Random Strip Mosaic

This Carrara random strip marble mosaic comes in both polished and honed (matte) varieties. It features a mixed fleuri with soft gold and gray veining.

3D Tile

Fireplace with green 3D tile 
This green 3D tile creates a quirky, bold focal point around the fireplace.

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Voyage Square 3D Wall Tile

These 3D squares are perfect for a fireplace surround or a feature wall.

Understated Marble

 Fireplace with light gray marble surround
This light gray marble allows the fireplace and TV to take center stage.

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Tundra Gray Marble Field Tile

Revel in shades of gray, pewter, gunmetal, and cream with this Tundra Gray marble tile.

Rustic Stone

Rustic stone fireplace 
Create a warm, welcoming space with a rustic stone fireplace surround.

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Scabos Travertine Tumbled Random Strip Mosaic

 Beautiful Scabos Travertine is an excellent choice for your fireplace surround or even for an upscale shower.

5 Things to Know About Choosing the Right Fireplace Surround

Fireplace with white textured tile surround

  1. Be sure to consider the style of your existing interior decor, the type of heating appliance you have, and the size and material of the surround.
  2. Consider using one type of tile for the entire surround, or mix things up by selecting complementary styles for the back panel, hearth, and surrounding area.
  3. Avoid going too large, or the fireplace can take over the room..
  4. Wood surrounds are an affordable alternative to pricier options such as marble and stone. You can even find wood-look tile at low prices.
  5. Stone and marble provide a wow factor and can handle larger amounts of weight, making them a good choice if you plan to display various treasures and decor pieces on top of the mantle.

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