5 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger with Tile

Room with white tile floor and white walls

Transforming a small space into one that appears much larger can be a challenge. But what you may not have realized is that the flooring you choose can play a significant role in making the room look bigger than it actually is. Today, we’ll discuss five ways you can make a room appear larger with tile. Check out our tips, tricks, and product recommendations below!

1. Choose Large Tile Over Small Tile Room with black walls and light flooring

The first way to make a room look larger with your tile choices is to select larger tiles rather than smaller ones. For some, this seems counterintuitive. Many people make the mistake of choosing tiny tiles for small rooms, but this has the unintended effect of emphasizing the small size of the room.

This is because there are more lines (and more grout) for the eye to land on when you have lots of tiny tiles on the floor. As a result, the room can feel busy and crowded. Below, we’ve chosen some excellent examples of larger tiles that can make smaller spaces seem more expansive.

First, we have the Flake Terrazzo Dark Gray Porcelain Tile. This tile measures 30 inches by 30 inches, or 2.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet long. Terrazzo is currently quite trendy, and it’s been around for hundreds of years.

Flake Terrazzo Dark Gray Porcelain Tile

There are a couple of great selling points for this tile aside from its size. First, it’s porcelain and uses advanced inkjet technology to accurately replicate the look of true terrazzo at a more affordable price. And second, it’s rectified. This means that the tile is precisely cut around the edges and meant to be installed with minimal grout lines for a nearly seamless, clean look. You want to avoid having too many grout lines with small rooms, so this is a terrific option.

Next up, we have this gorgeous Calacatta Lite Porcelain Tile. Similar to the terrazzo above, this tile is made of affordable and durable porcelain, but it looks just like genuine marble. Each tile measures four feet by four feet, making for fewer grout lines and a more cohesive look overall. Plus, the light color can really open up the space, and this tile can be used on the wall as well as the floor.

Calacatta Lite Porcelain Tile

2. Select Wider Planks

Room with wide wood plank flooring

Another way to make a room look larger with tile is to choose flooring with wider planks. The general idea here is that wide planks stretch the eye, while narrow planks do the opposite. When you’re using flooring like wood-look tile, wider planks make rooms look bigger, and they also tend to be more affordable because you don’t have to buy as many of them. Another tip is to ensure that the planks you select are installed to run parallel to the room’s longest wall.

This lovely Haisa Light White Oak Marble Tile comes in planks measuring 18 inches by 36 inches. Made of beautiful marble with soft white, gray, and taupe tones, it’s a great neutral choice that meshes well with many color schemes.

Haisa Light White Oak Marble Tile

3. Go Diagonal

Room with herringbone wood flooring 

Most smaller rooms have a blocked-out square shape, but when you create a diagonal or criss-cross pattern with the flooring, the result is an illusion that extends the floor’s size. However, checkerboard patterns are not always the best choice; when they’re too small, they can appear to shrink the room even more.

Why does diagonal flooring make rooms appear larger? Well, when a person walks into a room, their eyes are naturally drawn to the widest part of the flooring pattern.

Try installing this Tahoe White Oak Wood Look Porcelain Tile diagonally. With a length of 48 inches and a width of eight inches, this wood-look porcelain will seemingly expand more diminutive spaces.

Tahoe White Oak Wood Look Porcelain Tile 

For a fun flooring option, check out this Tahoe Gray Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Tile. Its criss-cross pattern has plenty of visual appeal and can make small areas seem larger.

Tahoe Gray Chevron Wood Look Porcelain Tile

4. Pair Light Walls with Dark Flooring

Room with white walls and dark wood flooring

We often associate light colors with airiness and open spaces. However, when walls painted in light colors are paired with dark flooring, the contrast between the walls and floor creates a sense of openness that makes the room feel larger. Dark flooring also tends to have the effect of making lighter ceilings seem higher.

This Skye Nero Porcelain Tile is a fantastic choice if you’re a fan of the industrial, minimalistic look. While the tile is made of porcelain, it looks like marked cement and measures 32 inches by 32 inches (so you won’t have too many grout lines to deal with).

Skye Nero Porcelain Tile

If you love classic marble, then you’ll want to check out the Nero Marquina Marble Tile. This two-foot by two-foot tile comes in both polished and honed (matte) finishes. Originally from Spain, this tile will not only open up the space when paired with light walls, but it also adds a sense of luxurious beauty that never goes out of style.

Nero Marquina Marble Tile

5. Complement Furniture with Light Flooring
Room with white wales and pale wood flooring

As mentioned above, when most people think about open spaces, they think of light colors. Light colors draw in natural light and have an expansive effect when used in small spaces. For best results, choose light shades that complement the furniture in the room.

With its light, neutral color and understated matte finish, the Salamanca Beige Basalt Look Porcelain Tile is great for opening up small spaces. Each tile measures 24 inches by 48 inches, and since the tile is made from porcelain rather than genuine natural stone, it’s much more budget-friendly. 


Salamanca Beige Basalt Look Porcelain Tile

This White Onyx Vein Cut Polished Field Tile is a slightly more expensive choice. Made from stone originating in Pakistan, this tile has an icy white background with beautiful gold and gray veining. Not only is it an excellent choice for flooring in a small room, but it also makes for an opulent and aesthetically pleasing bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

White Onyx Vein Cut Polished Field Tile

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