Create Visual Interest with Geometric Tile

Venice Black 5x6 Hexagon Matte Porcelain Tile 


Choosing eye-catching floor and wall tile is a terrific way to add visual interest to your interior design, and geometric tile may be the most eye-catching of all! In today’s blog post, we’re diving into exactly what geometric tile is, why geometric patterns are so appealing, what this type of tile adds to your interior design, and the symbolism behind specific shapes.

What Is Geometric Tile?

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Geometric tile is simply tile with a pattern that includes geometric shapes, such as rectangles, squares, circles, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, and more.

Adding geometric tile to your space gives it pattern, texture, and a unique creative flair that truly makes a statement.

Why Are Geometric Patterns So Appealing?

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The appeal of geometric patterns lies in the mathematical principles that they embody. As you may remember from your high school math class, geometry is all about rules. It’s precise, orderly, logical, and organized–and that’s why we find geometric patterns so pleasing to look at. Their predictability, perfection, and repetition is soothing and relaxing, and bringing geometric patterns into interior design creates that same sense of peace and serenity.

Why You Need to Add Geometric Tile to Your Interior Design

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Aside from the feeling of calmness that geometric tile can add to your interior design, there are some other reasons why you might wish to select tile with geometric patterns.

First, it’s perfect for a wide variety of interior design projects, such as:

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Next, it adds depth to the space and can even make it look larger. Geometric tile easily catches the eye and is a great way to draw attention to the focal point of the room.

And finally, geometric tile is a great way to balance the patterns in your space. If you’ve selected a lot of bright colors for the room, then a neutral-colored geometric pattern in beige, white, or gray can offset them. However, if you’ve opted for mostly neutral shades, then geometric tile with a bolder color or more intricate pattern can create a sense of balance.

Specific Shapes and What They Symbolize

If you’re interested in the psychology behind various shapes, read on! We’ll talk about the associations and symbols attached to the most common geometric shapes.


Voyage Blanco 3D 6x6 Ceramic Tile 

Squares and rectangles are associated with tradition and balance.


Simply Sky Blue Penny Round Glossy Ceramic Mosaic 
Circles symbolize love, harmony, perfection, and protection.


 Rhombix Black and White Polished Marble Mosaic Tile
Diamonds have a connotation of vibrancy and modernity.


Glam Thassos White + Gold Brass Triangle Marble Mosaic 
Triangles are associated with motion and moving in a specific direction, and they’re also tied to energy, power, and stability.


Simple White 2” Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic Matte 
Hexagons symbolize cooperation, balance, and unity.

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