6 Timeless Tile Styles for Your Home

Kitchen with hexagon tile backsplash and marble countertop

Want to avoid the trends in favor of timeless tile? In this blog post, we’ll be talking about classic tile styles, why they’ve remained popular for so long, and how you can incorporate them into your interior design.

Characteristics of Classic Tile

What makes a classic style, well, classic? First, you’ll notice that most timeless tiles have a neutral, earthy, or muted color palette. Black and white is one standard color scheme, but other colors you might notice in classic tile patterns are light gray and tan or brown shades. In many cases, these tiles are made from stone, concrete, or terracotta. Glass is a newer tile material that is considered more modern and contemporary.

These classic tile colors and materials are often laid in traditional mosaic and grid patterns that display repetition or employ traditional art themes. With timeless tile, these repetitive patterns are meant to serve as a soothing backdrop that connects all of the design elements in the room. The tile isn’t intended to stand out or be the focal point of the space.

Why Choose a Timeless Tile Style?

One reason that it’s smart to consider timeless tile is that it never goes out of style. Trends come and go, but your tile will remain fashionable as the years go by. Plus, if you plan to sell your home in the future, a classic tile style tends to be more attractive and easier to sell than a unique design. For example, a shower with classic marble or stone tile tends to be more appealing to prospective buyers than a shower with lime green and pink tiles in an abstract pattern.

Types of Traditional Tile

Let’s dive into six different types of traditional tile that you can incorporate into your home’s interior design!

1. Checkerboard

Bathroom and entryway with checkerboard tile flooring

Black and white checkerboard floor tile is pretty much as traditional and classic as it gets. This pattern is elegant, versatile, and eye-catching. It looks great in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways–really anywhere in your home! Although traditionally, checkerboard always featured black and white tiles, you can feel free to mix up this classic style by changing the size or color of the tiles for a fresh new look.

Classic Checkerboard

These pure white and black tiles are perfect for that truly classic checkerboard look. Made of porcelain with a matte finish, each tile measures eight inches by eight inches and creates a bold yet understated aesthetic.

Marrakech Pure Black Porcelain Tile 
 Marrakech Pure White Porcelain Tile

Oversized Marble Checkerboard

Interested in adding a slight variation to the classic checkerboard tile pattern? Check out these large marble tiles. Measuring 12x12 inches, the Nero Marquina originates from Spain, and the Blanco Dolomite hails from Turkey. You can choose either a polished or matte finish for both tiles to fit the look you want to create.

 Nero Marquina Marble Field Tile
 Marrakech Pure White Porcelain Tile

2. Marble  

Two rooms with marble tile flooring

Marble is another timeless tile style. It’s associated with luxury and elegance, and it truly elevates any room it’s in. While cost used to be a barrier to selecting marble for your home, we now have the technology to create highly realistic marble-look porcelain that’s nearly indistinguishable from the real thing but comes at a much more affordable price point.

True Marble

This gorgeous Calacatta Gold tile comes from Italy and is an amazing example of marble’s natural beauty.

Calacatta Gold Marble Field Tile 

Marble-Look Porcelain

Below, we’ve included two marble-look porcelain options. The first has a more classic marble look, while the second is more daring with its deep blue and gold coloring.

Emporio Calacatta Gold Porcelain Tile 
Macauba Blue Porcelain Tile 

3. Subway Tile

Kitchen with subway tile backsplashAlthough subway tile has been a massive trend in recent years, it’s been popular for decades upon decades! Classic subway tile is white and measures three inches by six inches. It’s laid with a 50% offset and has a very clean and simple look. Nowadays, you can go for that traditional subway tile aesthetic or mix it up with various sizes, colors, shapes, and layouts.

Traditional Subway Tile

Want to emulate the classic subway tile look? Apply the tile below with a 50% offset, or eliminate the offset and arrange the tiles in a horizontal or vertical grid pattern for a twist.

Ice White Glossy Ceramic Subway Tile 

Subway Tile Variations

These subway tile variations offer a one-of-a-kind yet timeless aesthetic.

Chanelle Pink Ceramic Subway Tile 
Chanelle Dark Gray Picket Ceramic Subway Tile  
Black Beveled Glossy Ceramic Subway Tile  

4. Hexagons with Detailed Borders

Bathroom with hexagonal tile floor

Also referred to as honeycomb tile, hexagonal tile is bold yet orderly and adds geometric visual interest to the room. It looks great as floor tile, shower tile, or as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Adding an eye-catching border encloses the tile and completes the look.

Traditional Hexagon Styles

Black and white hexagon mosaic tiles are one of the most timeless tile styles in existence. Embrace tradition with the options below.

White and Black Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic Tile 
Black and White Flower Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic Tile 


Border Options

Add a border like this one to your hexagonal tile to finish the look.

Thassos White and Black Belvaux Border 
Thassos White and Black Belvaux Border Corner 


Hexagon Variations

Want to add something different to this timeless tile style? Consider the classic hexagonal mosaic, but with a pop of shiny silver instead of black. Or mix it up even more with larger taupe-colored hexagons.

White and Silver Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic Tile 
Sky Taupe Hexagon Porcelain Tile 

5. Penny Tile

Shower wall and bathroom backsplash with penny tile

Penny tile doesn’t just look good, but it’s also an excellent choice for slippery areas of the house, such as bathroom floors and showers. This is because numerous grout joints throughout the tile give the finished surface more traction. Black and white are the most traditional colors for penny tile, but there are tons of variations that you can use for a more contemporary look. You'll often take note of penny tile in bathrooms, but it also looks terrific as a kitchen backsplash or to set off a room’s focal point, like when used around a fireplace.

Classic Penny Tile

For a truly timeless look, check out these two options. The first is pure white, and the second creates a repetitive mosaic pattern that’s highly pleasing to the eye.

 White Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic Tile
 Gray and White Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic Tile


Penny Tile Variations

Mix up the classic penny tile look by adding color or swapping out the traditional ceramic for honey onyx stone.

 Honey Onyx Penny Round Mosaic Tile
 Red Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic Tile

6. Herringbone Tile

Bathroom with herringbone tile wallHerringbone tile features a distinctive arrangement that’s geometric and angular. For decades, it’s been a popular choice for interior design because of its texture and flair. You’ll often see herringbone tile’s clean, dramatic lines used for bathroom and shower walls, as a kitchen backsplash, or highlighting a room's focal point. It can even serve as a feature wall! Herringbone is a classic tile style that is easy to change up for a modern twist.

Traditional Herringbone

This Carrara white mosaic tile is an ideal choice for a positively timeless traditional herringbone look.

Carrara White Herringbone Mosaic


Herringbone Variations

It’s easy to give classic herringbone an edgier, more modern appearance simply by changing the materials and colors used. Below, check out the gorgeous mosaic with a mixture of Carrara and Bardiglio stone, plus the beautiful Silver Shell glass herringbone tile.

 Carrara White and Bardiglio Marble Herringbone Mosaic
Silver Shell Glass Herringbone Mosaic 


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