Interior Design Styles & Matching Tiles (Part 1)

With so many interior design styles to choose from, it can be hard to tell them apart–and to choose one (or several) for your home! In this series, we’re discussing 20 of the most common interior design styles, with Part 1 covering the first ten. We’ll talk about the distinctive aspects and influences of each style, plus offer suitable flooring recommendations.

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Traditional interior design

Traditional interior design is primarily inspired by 18th- and 19th-century France and England, and it frequently includes traditional architectural details like crown molding and wainscoting.

Powell Ell Ridge Luxury Vinyl Tile

Spaces with a focus on traditional interior design often feature matching furniture sets made from dark, ornate wood, as well as luxurious textiles like velvet and silk and accessories like bookcases and crystal chandeliers.

Popular patterns in traditional interior design include plaid, stripes, damask, and florals in a neutral color palette. Pops of color (often jewel tones) usually come in the form of artwork, mainly oil paintings, and floral arrangements. Symmetry and order are vital to traditional interior design.

Flooring usually features darker hardwood, and you can imitate the look for less by choosing a porcelain or vinyl lookalike. We recommend the Powell Ell Ridge (pictured) and Fume Tobacco luxury vinyl planks, as well as the Forever Chestnut porcelain tile.


Contemporary interior design

Unlike other interior design styles, the contemporary style continuously evolves and refers to style choices that are currently popular. As of 2024, contemporary interior design is simple and sleek, with open floor plans and clean lines, sometimes featuring geometric shapes.

Salamanca Beige Basalt-Look Porcelain Tile

Most contemporary spaces have a light, airy ambience. Often, materials like glass and metal are used to reflect light and further contribute to a bright appearance.

At the moment, neutral color schemes tend to be the most popular, but visual interest can be found in textured fabrics and exposed furniture legs, as well as pendant lights and statement chandeliers. Pops of color can be seen in artwork and plants. Natural materials like jute may be combined with elements like carved wood with metallic accents.

Contemporary interior design is usually uncluttered. Windows lack drapes, and area rugs are typically the only floor coverings. As for flooring choices, Salamanca Beige basalt-look porcelain tile (pictured) would be perfect for a neutral color scheme.

Cappuccino marble also has a gorgeous warm beige and bronze palette that could make a space seem warmer and more inviting while remaining light and airy. Finally, for a wood look, we love the shade of Fume Maple luxury vinyl.


Transitional interior design

You can think of transitional interior design as a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles and masculine and feminine elements. The transitional style takes the elegance of traditional interior design and combines it with the clean lines of the contemporary look–it’s all about balance.

Fume Canela Luxury Vinyl Tile

For the most part, accessories and decor are limited, although you’ll often see blankets, throw pillows, area rugs, and modern lighting. Textural textiles and comfortable furniture often take center stage in transitional spaces.

Color schemes in transitional interior design usually consist of soothing neutrals, making this style an excellent choice for spaces meant for relaxation. We think this Fume Canela luxury vinyl tile (pictured) is a great addition to a neutral color scheme, and Black Basalt chiseled tile is also a terrific choice if you’d like to add some texture to the space.


Modern interior design

Contrary to popular belief, modern interior design doesn’t simply refer to styles that are currently popular. Instead, it draws inspiration from the early to mid-20th century, mixing elements from post-modern, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian design.

Modern design is all about clean lines and smooth surfaces, especially glass, chrome, and metal. You’ll notice that modern design usually lacks decor, mainly looking to furniture and framed art for color while maintaining a neutral palette throughout the rest of the space.

Tundra Gray Marble TileIn the modern style, form serves function, and some believe modern spaces seem almost museum-like.

When it comes to flooring, we recommend keeping it neutral with large-format Tundra Gray marble tile (pictured) or, for a look described as “basic and essential,” Momento Cement Gray porcelain tile, which is also a large-format option.


Minimalist interior design

Minimalist interior design is often one of the simplest styles to grasp–it’s all about keeping things simple. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design and embodied by the phrase “less is more,” minimalist interiors usually feature plenty of empty space, simple lines, neutral or monochromatic color schemes, natural light, and limited decor.

Agora Terrazzo Porcelain Tile

Most minimalist spaces lack patterns and rely on texture for interest. Furniture is supremely functional, often containing hidden storage compartments. Similar to contemporary design, minimalist interiors are light, bright, and airy, evoking a sense of serenity and cleanliness.

It’s theorized that part of the reason minimalism is so popular in recent years is that it can be seen as an extension of sustainability. Rather than filling your home with unnecessary items, minimalism as an interior design style promotes only purchasing pieces that serve a purpose.

A few of our flooring picks for this style include Agora Terrazzo porcelain tile (pictured), creamy white Marmol Grande Lassa marble-look porcelain, and honey-colored Powell Ell Oak luxury vinyl.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern interior design

Mid-century modern interior design features retro elements from the 1950s and 1960s. Essential components include indoor-outdoor living (think uncovered sliding doors and large windows) and richly colored wood. You’ll often see iconic and ergonomic furniture pieces like egg and wishbone chairs, Eames loungers with ottomans, and tulip tables.

Iris Walnut Luxury Vinyl Tile

This interior design style features bold colors, geometric shapes, and sleek lines. Earlier color schemes feature brights and pastels, while later color schemes lean toward earth tones. Innovative materials, like plexiglass, cement, steel, and plywood, are frequently used. Exposed stone and brick are also common.

Chelsea concrete porcelain tile is a good choice in keeping with the materials of this style. We also like this simple Iris Walnut luxury vinyl (pictured) for a mid-century modern space.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse interior design

The modern farmhouse style is a newer development, and, as you may have guessed from its name, it contains plenty of traditional farmhouse design elements. Open floor plans, barn doors, shiplap, wide wood plank floors, streamlined lighting, and mixed metals are just a few examples of what you’ll see in modern farmhouse spaces.

Forever Earth Porcelain Tile

Of course, reclaimed wood, large furniture prioritizing comfort, wrought-iron accents, white paint, and vintage accessories are also crucial parts of this interior design style. When adding pops of color, try to stick with nature-inspired shades. Overall, the modern farmhouse style is cozy but not cluttered.

Our flooring picks that mimic the look of expensive hardwood for less: Forever Earth (pictured) and Fresno Almond, which are both wood-look porcelain tiles.



Bohemian interior design
Boho interior design is eclectic and free-spirited, with natural materials, lots of plants, plenty of trinkets, bold patterns, and bright colors. Unlike minimalism, bohemian interiors go by the maxim of “more is more!”


Ronda Leaves Porcelain Tile

Layering is a crucial element of the bohemian style. Mixing and matching nature-inspired patterns, textured materials, and colors is key. There’s no limit to decor and accessories with this style, and no need to limit your color palette or ensure that everything matches. It’s all about being free-spirited and artistic, creating a nomadic aesthetic with items featuring a variety of influences.

We have some fun flooring options to pair with the bohemian interior design style, including Ronda Leaves porcelain tile (pictured), Madrid Black Hexagon porcelain tile, and Encaustic Look Paris Belleville porcelain tile.


Southwestern interior design

Southwestern interior design features Mexican, Spanish, and Native American influences. Color palettes usually include earth-toned pastels and shades of a desert sunset. Organic materials, like leather and suede, are often used for upholstery, and furniture tends to be heavy and bulky but comfortable.

Scabos Travertine Natural Stone Tile

You’ll often see distressed wood, exposed beams, hand-woven rugs, burnished metal, and large tapestries in Southwestern spaces. Bold, bright ceramics, pueblo- and adobe-style architecture, and geometric patterns also characterize this interior design style.

In keeping with the gorgeous, brightly-colored palette of the Southwestern style, we’ve selected Seville Coto ceramic tile, as well as St. Lucia Green ceramic tile. Finally, we have a richly colored Scabos Travertine natural stone tile (pictured) to round out the collection.


Mediterranean interior design

Our final interior design style for Part 1 of this series is Mediterranean. Another warm, brightly colored, culturally rich style, Mediterranean interior design is mainly inspired by Morocco, Italy, Spain, and Greece. Architecture for this style often features columns and arches, exposed wood beams, decorative mosaics, and ornate details.

Marrakech Black Cape Porcelain Tile

Aside from its architectural aspects, the most distinctive part of Mediterranean style is its vibrant color scheme, a reflection of the shades seen in the Mediterranean landscape. Deep blues, ochre, terracotta, and sandy neutrals are frequently used. Wood in this interior design style comes in rich tones.

Indoor-outdoor living, natural materials, and vintage or handcrafted decor all play a part in Mediterranean interior design. Stone, terracotta, and tile floors are common, as is hardwood with a rustic appearance.

Our Mediterranean flooring selections include Marrakech Black Cape porcelain tile (pictured) and Emperador marble tile from Spain.

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