6 Retro Tiles for a Groovy Interior Design Scheme

Bathroom with bold patterned tile

The thing about trends is that they always seem to come back around. While traditionally retro tiles had a phase in which they weren’t an interior design favorite, their groovy aesthetic is gaining traction once more. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the most popular retro tile designs and how you can use them in your home.

1. Encaustic Look Malaga Retro Porcelain Tile

 Encaustic Look Malaga Retro Porcelain Tile

In the 1970s especially, maximalism was all the rage, and interior design favored bold patterns that were often mixed and matched together. This Malaga Retro porcelain tile was inspired by traditional hydraulic cement floors. It adds an amazingly retro accent to any space and has an eye-catching, fun design that looks at home in both vintage and modern interior design schemes.

2. MSI Soho Stax Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile

MSI Soho Stax Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile


Loud, bold geometric patterns are an interior design staple when you’re going for a groovy, retro aesthetic. This mosaic tile mixes glass and stone rectangles for plenty of visual interest. Not only does this tile look incredible as a feature wall in the bathroom (as in the photo above), but it also makes for an incredible backsplash in the kitchen. If you have a vintage-style living room, you may even consider using it on all of the walls!

3. Chanelle Scuba Blue Ceramic Tile 

Chanelle Scuba Blue Ceramic Tile

This Chanelle Scuba blue ceramic tile encapsulates two retro trends: bold, bright color schemes and textured tile. This tile was inspired by the movement of water, which is why it looks so great in bathrooms, but it could also be used in kitchens or really any space in the house! The unique texture stimulates the senses and evokes the feel of traditional handmade tiles.

4. Agora Terrazzo Multicolor Porcelain Tile

 Agora Terrazzo Multicolor Porcelain Tile

Terrazzo is currently trending once again, but did you know that it originated in 15th-century Italy before coming to the United States in the late 1890s? It’s been a favorite for quite a while! In the US, terrazzo first became popular in the 1920s before reaching its peak in the ‘70s. Today’s terrazzo tiles are more durable and low-maintenance than ever before, making them excellent for showers and flooring.

5. Blue Ocean Daisy Flowers Mosaic

 Blue Ocean Daisy Flowers Mosaic

Floral patterns are an easy way to give your interior design a groovy vibe. This mosaic tile consists of three beautiful types of marble: Thassos White, Azul Celeste, and Bardiglio. It works as either flooring or a wall covering and makes for a beautiful kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

6. Chevron Series Amazon Marble Mosaic

Chevron Series Amazon Marble Mosaic 

This tile checks the boxes for two of our favorite retro interior design trends. First, we have the traditional chevron pattern. Second, we have the gorgeous avocado green color, which was highly popular in the 1970s, mixed with varying shades of green and white. This tile is made of marble and elevates your interior design while providing plenty of visual interest and a retro look.

Embracing the Vintage Style: Tips and Tricks

 Gramophone in room with retro flower wallpaper

Aiming for a beautiful vintage home? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make interior design choices.

Choose Retro Colors and Patterns

We chose many of the tile selections in this post because of their retro-inspired colors and patterns. This is an easy and effective way to make a room look more vintage. If you have a specific time period in mind, all you need to do is complete a little research in order to get a sense of the various colors and designs that were popular at the time.

Select High-Quality Antiques

When shopping for antiques, be sure to look for items that were made to last and maintained well over the years. Pieces that were built to stand the test of time will usually be heavier with sturdy joints. Antiques with large amounts of rust and discoloration may not be worth the purchase, but you can easily restore pieces with only a bit of fading or rust in many cases.

Make Vintage Pieces Your Focal Point

 Vintage dining room

Once you’ve found some antiques, make them the room's focal point. They should stand out and truly be the stars of the space!

Add Vintage Details

Since it’s a bit of a challenge to completely fill your home with antiques, selecting modern pieces with a vintage flair is an excellent way to embrace tradition while building a more contemporary design scheme. A modern piece with a weathered finish or an ornate accessory painted a trendy color would both work well in a retro-inspired room.

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