7 Photos for Rustic Tile Inspiration

Room with orange rustic tile

Rustic tile has a classic, old-world feel that gives it a rich aesthetic value. It’s influenced by ancient art and architecture and typically has a natural and distressed finish.

The rustic tile color scheme is inspired by nature, including dark red, yellow, brown, gray, deep green, tan, beige, and muted blue.

Stone and encaustic tiles often have rustic looks, although some porcelain and ceramic options also go along with the rustic aesthetic.

Some rustic tiles have been salvaged and reclaimed from older buildings, but today, most rustic tiles on the market were made with modern technology to recreate the rustic look.

Let’s jump into some rustic tile inspiration!

1. Malaga Catalonia 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Malaga Catalonia 8x8 Porcelain Tile 

The Malaga Catalonia tile is a beautiful mixture of classic and modern styles that looks great with various interior designs and color schemes. This gorgeous encaustic tile adds a rustic feel to an otherwise classic kitchen. By keeping the cabinets and backsplash neutral and letting the floor take center stage, this room finds balance and drives attention to the gorgeous pattern on the floor.

2. Ronda Denim 8x8 Porcelain Floor Tile

Ronda Denim 8x8 Porcelain Floor Tile 

We love this weathered-looking denim tile with its subtle blue and gray shades. You can mix and match it with other tiles, and it looks just as great on walls as it does on floors. The Ronda Denim tile has a natural, casual appeal that makes it a great choice for kitchens and living spaces.

3. Navona Rovere 8x48 Wood Look Color Body Porcelain Tile

Navona Rovere 8x48 Wood Look Color Body Porcelain Tile  

This Navona Rovere tile is made from porcelain, but perfectly imitates the look of wood. It comes from the Abbey collection, which was created to take you back to the simple feel and warmth of nature. This particular tile comes in four varying tones that allow you to add a subtle, earthy touch to your home. Mix it with earth-toned decor to create a fresh-feeling atmosphere.

4. Seville Coto Ceramic 6x6 Wall Tile


Seville Coto Ceramic 6x6 Wall Tile


This rich reddish-orange ceramic tile embodies the rustic color scheme and warms up any room it’s in. It’s from the Seville collection, which consists of colors that take you back in time. Enter a more classic, traditional world filled with character by using this Seville Coto tile for your backsplash or flooring. It features variation and movement within its pieces, creating a truly unique and slightly weathered look that feels natural rather than manufactured.

5. Marrakech Fleur 8x8 Porcelain Tile

  Marrakech Fleur 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Another lovely encaustic tile option, this Marrakech Fleur porcelain tile features soft brown, pale blue, and white within its classic design. Subtle yet bold, it’s sure to pop no matter where you put it! Add a unique flair to your home and enjoy the visually appealing symmetrical pattern in your shower or backsplash.

6. Salamanca Beige 24x48 Basalt Look Porcelain Tile

Salamanca Beige 24x48 Basalt Look Porcelain Tile  

You might like the Salamanca Beige porcelain tile if you prefer a more understated rustic look. It has a textured appearance, replicating the surface of volcanic rock after being polished by water. This tile looks great for both floors and walls, and it’s ideal when paired with eye-catching decor to balance its understated aesthetic.

7. San Fran Aqua 8x8 Porcelain Tile

San Fran Aqua 8x8 Porcelain Tile  

This stunning porcelain tile features a beautifully weathered shade of aqua. Reminiscent of water, this tile goes perfectly in bathrooms as well as kitchens and other spaces in your home that can benefit from calming shades. The San Fran collection is meant to be an homage to vintage styles with its gradient colors, water reliefs, and handmade appearance that unites tradition and creativity. The San Fran Aqua tile is a true mix of charm, subtlety, and style.

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