Tile Color Highlight: Shades of Summer

Tile Color Highlight: Shades of Summer

Summer officially begins on June 22, and it’s time to share some of our favorite tile choices in shades that embody the season! No matter the time of year, you can enjoy the essence of warm, sunny summer days in your home by selecting tiles in the colors listed below.

This blog post is part of our Tile Color Highlight series. We also have articles on Shades of Spring and Shades of Autumn.


When you think of summer, you undoubtedly think of the sun! Here are a couple of tile selections that will bring warmth and light to any space.

Honey Onyx 2x4 Brick Mosaic

Radiant honey onyx has a unique luminosity reminiscent of sunlight. This stone features warm yellow, gold, and orange tones.

Lennox Calacatta Gold Mosaic

For a more subtle reminder of the summer sun, try this Lennox Calacatta Gold Mosaic. It contains hints of a lovely yellow shade interspersed with white and gray.


Thoughts of summer likely also conjure up mental images of sunset on the beach. Orange is the perfect color if you want to embody not only the sunset, but also delicious tropical fruit and delectable summertime beverages.

St. Lucia Peach 5x5 Ceramic Tile

This bold shade certainly packs a punch, no matter the room it’s in. Plus, its handmade look and Mediterranean feel are perfectly beachy.

 San Fran Lorraine 7x7 Porcelain Tile

The San Fran collection unites tradition with creativity for plenty of versatility. In the Lorraine tile above, vibrant orange is paired with a slightly muted blue for a balanced look.

White & Tan

Summer is a light, bright season, so it’s no wonder we have white and tan on the list today. Plus, these functional neutral shades remind us of gorgeous white sand beaches.

Chanelle Star White 3x12 Picket Ceramic Tile 

While white may not be the most exciting color choice for tile, the fun picket shape of these ceramic tiles adds plenty of visual interest. When used as a shower surround (as in the photo above), this Chanelle Star White tile creates a truly spa-like experience.

San Fran White Crackled 3x12 Ceramic Tile 

The weathered, crackled appearance of this tile appears charmingly handmade and rustic. It makes for a beautiful kitchen backsplash and looks especially beachy when paired with light wood cabinets.

Simple White 2” Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic 

Add some geometric appeal to your home with this Simple White Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic tile. It’s a subtle nod to summer, but with a few pieces of beachy decor and summer accent colors, the look will be complete.


This shade of brown is warm and inviting, just like those long summer days (and nights). Perfect for areas where people gather, such as kitchens and living rooms, adding a touch of ochre brings a sense of comfort and togetherness to the space.

San Fran Coto 8x8 Porcelain Tile 

This San Fran Coto tile was made in Spain and features subtle gradient coloring throughout.

Scabos Travertine Tumbled Random Strip Mosaic 

Within this beautiful stone, you’ll notice swirling deposits of ochre, orange, red, gold, and light cream–-so many shades of summer! Scabos Travertine looks stunning as part of a classic look or an accent to more contemporary interior design choices.

Blue & Teal

The sky and the ocean are two more images that represent the summer season. Shades of blue and teal are not only gorgeous, but they also have a calming effect, making them excellent choices for bedrooms and offices.

San Fran Volga Blue Crackled 3x12 Ceramic Tile 

Subtle and charming, this crackled ceramic tile in Volga Blue gives a graceful nod to clear waters and gentle waves.

St. Lucia Azul 5x5 Ceramic Tile 

This strikingly shiny polished ceramic tile perfectly captures the look of bright summer sunlight reflecting on deep water.

San Fran Aqua 8x8 Porcelain Tile 

If you’re a fan of teal rather than true blue, then this San Fran Aqua tile is the ideal choice for you.

Seville Navy Blue 6x6 Ceramic Tile 

The natural movement and variation within this ceramic tile add plenty of character and mirror the movement of water.

Ronda Leaves 8x8 Porcelain Tile 

Finally, we had to include this unmistakably summery selection! Step into an indoor jungle with this tile, which features leaves from various tropical plants on a blue backdrop.

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