Using Color Psychology to Pick the Perfect Tile

Using Color Psychology to Pick the Perfect Tile

What Is Color Psychology?

Put simply, color psychology refers to the idea that colors can affect the way we think, feel, and even behave. We’ve known for thousands of years that color can influence mood. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians even used color to evoke emotions and aid in spiritual practices!

Although ancient societies may not have had the science to back up color psychology, we now have a large body of research detailing the effects of certain colors on our psyches.

Color psychology is often used in advertising. For instance, have you ever noticed that most fast food chains use the color red, which can stimulate the appetite? But it’s also frequently used in interior design, which is what we’ll focus on today.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how different tile colors can promote different moods and affect the overall feel of your space.

Common Colors and Their Psychological Associations

Want to promote a certain mood in a particular room? Read on to discover the emotions evoked by various shades.


Red tends to attract more attention than any other color. While it can be associated with danger, it also represents love and passion.

Simple Red Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic Tile 


Orange is often associated with the tropics, and it can encourage people to open up and communicate. Orange is a stimulating color that can promote creativity.

St. Lucia Peach 5x5 Ceramic Tile 
This St. Lucia Peach 5x5 Ceramic Tile is an excellent choice for an eat-in kitchen or dining room, as it can enhance extraversion and help people let go of their inhibitions as they enjoy a meal together.


While yellow is linked to joy and happiness, a shade of yellow that is too bright can become overwhelming. A more muted shade can promote cheerfulness, optimism, and energy.

Honey Onyx Basketweave with White Dots 
Pale yellow Honey Onyx Basketweave with White Dots can boost energy levels as you spend time in the bathroom getting ready for the day ahead.


Green is largely associated with nature and represents freshness and health. It can be relaxing yet invigorating and promotes connection.

Chanelle Emerald Green 3x12 Ceramic Tile 
Our Chanelle Emerald Green 3x12 Ceramic Tile gives this beautiful bathroom a sense of calmness.


Similar to green, blue is a calming, serene color due to its association with water. Blue can lower the metabolism and heart rate while promoting imagination and flexibility.

 Chanelle Scuba Blue 3x12 Ceramic Tile
Blue is a common choice for spa-like bathrooms like this one, featuring our Chanelle Scuba Blue 3x12 Ceramic Tile, and other spaces where tranquility is desired.


Purple has long been associated with nobility, royalty, and luxury. It combines red’s energy with blue’s stability and often brings with it an air of magic, mystery, and wisdom.

Eiffel Shell White/Lavender 8x8 Porcelain Tile 
This Eiffel Shell White/Lavender 8x8 Porcelain Tile adds a touch of luxury to a bathroom with an otherwise rustic aesthetic.


Pink is a gentle shade associated with femininity, tenderness, and youth. It’s hopeful, calming, and non-threatening.

Boise Whisper Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile 
Our Boise Whisper Pink 3x12 Ceramic Tile evokes a sense of feminine playfulness in this quirky clothing store.


White is associated with new beginnings–think about turning to a fresh new page in a notebook or opening up a blank document. It’s considered to be one of the most serene and elegant colors and is often thought of as the color of perfection. White also evokes a sense of brightness and cleanliness.

Timeless Ice White Reversed Beveled 3x6 Ceramic Tile 
Paired with greenery, this Timeless Ice White Reversed Beveled 3x6 Ceramic Tile creates a perfectly clean and serene space.


Representing stability, security, and wisdom, brown can feel supportive and calming. Brown is a mature, earthy color that promotes comfort and warmth.

 York Brown Rice 3x6 Glass Tile
Our York Brown Rice 3x6 Glass Tile adds a bit of warmth to this modern bathroom.


Gray represents balance and neutrality, and it can also be emblematic of intellect. It’s also associated with maturity and responsibility.

Madrid Gray 9x10 Hexagon Porcelain Tile 
The balanced aesthetic of the color gray is further enhanced by the geometric shape of this Madrid Gray 9x10 Hexagon Porcelain Tile.


Black is an extremely versatile color that tends to have different meanings to different people. The design choices surrounding the use of black can also influence its associations. Although black is often representative of grief, it can also be associated with power, protection, and elegance, as well as mystery and the unknown.

 Boise Jet Black 3x12 Ceramic Tile
In this room, our Boise Jet Black 3x12 Ceramic Tile provides a clean, elegant contrast with the gray and white accent tiles, creating a truly striking statement wall.

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