Refresh Your Interior Design With Modern Tile

Refresh Your Interior Design with Modern Tile

Today, we’re discussing the best tile choices to complement a modern interior design style! We’ll dive into the specifics of modern design and share some of our favorite tile picks.

What Is Modern Design?

Modern design is an interior design style that developed in the early 20th century, mainly from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Its lasting legacy consists of German and Scandinavian roots paired with the influence of modern art.

Mid-century modern and postmodern styles are later derivatives of modern design.

The main concept to remember with modern design is that form follows function. In other words, the function or practical purpose of design elements comes before their appearance. If decorative items don’t have a specific purpose, they can be removed altogether.

Characteristics of Modern Design

Skye Taupe 32x32 Porcelain Tile
While the decor in this room couldn’t be called modern, the flooring correlates with the modern style as it has the appearance of natural material (stone) in a neutral color with clean, straight lines. Get the look with our Skye Taupe 32x32 Porcelain Tile.

Here are several characteristics of modern interior design:

  • Natural light
  • Natural materials
  • Monochromatic color palettes, especially with neutral or earthy colors
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Clean, straight lines and geometric shapes
  • No unnecessary details or flourishes
  • Simple, unadorned style
  • Functionality over fashion
  • Open floor plans that use furniture to delineate different spaces
  • Low, long furniture pieces made from rattan, unpainted wood, or metal
  • No clutter
  • Steel, glass, stone, concrete, and chrome finishes
  • Fabric (particularly linen and wool) and leather upholstery
  • Wood veneers
 York Steel Gray 3x6 Glass Tile
This gorgeous shower with York Steel Gray 3x6 Glass Tile checks the boxes for many modern characteristics: a monochromatic color palette with neutral colors, minimal ornamentation, straight lines, and glass and chrome finishes.

What You’ll See in a Modern Space

It can be easy to distinguish a modern space from other types of interior design when you notice elements like exposed structural beams and concrete, a lack of unnecessary ornamentation and decor, and a focus on natural light, particularly with large, unembellished windows.

Dolomiti Blanco 12x24 Porcelain Tile 
This room features plenty of natural light coming from an unadorned window, as well as shower tile with the appearance of natural marble in neutral colors. Recreate the look with Dolomiti Blanco 12x24 Porcelain Tile.

There will be very few curves within the decor and furnishings. Instead, you’ll see perfectly straight vertical and horizontal lines, as well as geometric shapes. The furniture will typically be streamlined, sit low to the ground, and feature clean lines.

The color scheme will be neutral or natural, and you’ll also take note of a variety of natural materials, including natural fibers, metals, leather, and unpainted wood. Reflective surfaces such as glass, steel, and chrome are likely to make an appearance.

York Lucent White 4x12 Glass Tile
Here we have a gorgeous reflective backsplash created with our York Lucent White 4x12 Glass Tile.

You may see modernist art, particularly one large piece without a frame. Walls will likely be neutral and are often painted white, gray, or beige. In a truly modern space, clutter will be non-existent. The floorplan will be open and encourage plenty of airflow.

Modern Design Vs. Contemporary Design

Many people use the terms “modern design” and “contemporary design” interchangeably. In reality, these are two separate concepts!

Modern design focuses on the aesthetics of the early twentieth century, particularly the 1920s through the 1950s.

Meanwhile, contemporary design refers to the styles that are currently popular. What was considered to be contemporary in the 1980s is now completely different. Contemporary style choices shift with the times, while the elements of modern design will always remain the same.

Our Picks for Modern Tile Flooring

We love the look of natural wood in modern spaces, and the options in the Forever and Fresno collections perfectly blend the natural wood aesthetic with the convenience of tile flooring.
Forever Chestnut 8x8 Porcelain Tile 
Forever Earth 8x48 Porcelain Tile 
 Fresno Almond 8x48 Porcelain Tile
The Skye collection is another one to check out if you love the look of natural stone and cement in neutral shades.
Skye Gris 32x32 Porcelain Tile 
Skye Beige 32x32 Porcelain Tile 
The Venice collection features crisp, clean lines with a variety of colors to choose from. Install the tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for aesthetically-pleasing geometric looks.
Venice Black 2x10 Ceramic Tile 
 Venice Blanco 2x10 Ceramic Tile

Explore a Variety of Style Options at!

Whether you’re a fan of modern interior design or prefer something more contemporary, has you covered! We’ve made shopping for tile online simpler than ever with fast delivery, insured shipments, and easy returns.

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