How to Upcycle Leftover Tiles (DIY Craft Ideas)

How to Upcycle Leftover Tiles (DIY Craft Ideas)

You’ve finished your latest home renovation project, and now you’re left with extra tiles. While it’s wise to save at least a few in case you need them for future repairs, why not make the most of your leftover tiles by upcycling them? We first discussed this idea in our 2022 blog post 14 DIY Project Ideas for Leftover Tiles, but we thought it was time to revisit the concept and add some fun, fresh DIY craft ideas to the mix!

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What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling refers to taking something that’s no longer in use and giving it new life by repurposing or repairing it, making it more valuable and practical than it was before. If your extra tiles have been sitting around in your basement or attic, the 30+ ideas below are sure to give them new value, beauty, and function.

Not only is upcycling an enjoyable activity, but it’s also good for the planet. It contributes to a circular economy in which materials can be reused time and again rather than being thrown away and ending up in a landfill.

32 DIY Craft Ideas for Leftover Tiles

While you can use craft glue for many of the following projects, some may require tile adhesive and grout. You may find these blog posts helpful as you choose your materials:

Whether you only have a single tile or a few dozen to work with, you’ll find a suitable project below!

1. Coasters

Hexagon tile coasters

If you have 4x4 square tiles, small hexagon tiles, or the tools and experience necessary to cut larger tiles down to size, why not make some new coasters to prevent rings on your desk or coffee table? Just glue some felt onto the back of each tile, and your project is complete.

2. Magnets

This craft is perfect for small tiles, like mosaics or penny round options. Simply cut the tiles apart (if they’re attached to a backing) and glue magnets onto them to create functional and aesthetically pleasing fridge magnets.

3. Mosaic Art

For mosaic art, it’s usually best to have a few different styles of tile that you can (safely) break into smaller pieces and then glue into creative designs.

4. Tiled Vase

Add personality to a plain vase by using small tile pieces to create a pattern or abstract design. If you have a leftover sheet of tiles, simply apply adhesive, wrap it around the vase, and fill the spaces between tiles with grout.

5. Cheeseboard, Charcuterie Board, Serving Tray, or Trivet

Large rectangular tiles, especially marble or marble-look porcelain, can make beautiful serving trays or charcuterie boards. Attach coordinating handles to each side of the board to make it easy to carry. Alternatively, you could purchase a wooden board and use an adhesive like Liquid Nails to glue the tile(s) on top for added stability. If you’re using multiple tiles, be sure to grout between them.

6. Planters

Decorate a plain planter by attaching small tiles to each side. 

7. Headboard

Beveled tile headboard

If you have lots of small tiles or several large tiles, create a unique headboard by adhering them to the wall behind your mattress. Alternatively, you could attach tiles to your existing headboard to give it a new look. Beveled tiles can create an exceptionally eye-catching aesthetic, as seen in the photo above.

8. Coffee Table Top, Desktop, or Countertop

Refresh an old piece of furniture or countertop by adhering tiles to the surface and grouting between them. It may be wise to seal the surface of the table once the adhesive and grout have fully set.

9. Bookcase

Adhering tiles to the back wall of a bookcase makes for an amazing way to display trinkets and treasures. This works best with shorter bookshelves, as a taller shelf may need to be anchored to the wall to prevent the extra weight of the tiles from causing it to fall over.

10. Mosaic Mirror or Window Frame

Glue small pieces of tile to a mirror or window frame for a fun mosaic look.

11. Jewelry or Key Hanger

Glue tiles to a wooden board and attach small hooks for a DIY jewelry or key hanger.

12. Jewelry

Make marble or marble-look porcelain tiles into necklace pendants or earrings by cutting them down to size and using epoxy to attach them to the backing material of your choice. Next, you can slide your pendants onto a necklace chain or attach them to earring posts.

13. Outdoor Path

If you have several large tiles left over from your project, use them to create a path outdoors or to outline your landscaping.

14. Wall Decor

Tile wall decor

Place a single patterned tile inside a frame or shadow box and hang it on the wall for a quick and easy project. You could also attach tiles directly to the wall, as seen in the photo above.

15. Fire Pit Surround

Surround your fire pit with leftover tiles for a stylish look.

16. Raised Garden Bed

Upgrade the appearance of your raised garden bed by attaching tiles to its exterior.

17. Custom Lighting

Cut pieces of tile and attach them to a light fixture for a modern, artsy appearance. This often works exceptionally well with glass tile because it reflects light.

18. Stairs

Attach tiles to the vertical part of each stair for a visually intriguing DIY home renovation project.

19. Makeup or Paint Palette

Leftover glossy tile makes for an easy-to-clean makeup or paint palette, perfect for mixing products until you get the right shade.

20. Dry Erase Board

If you’ve been left with a plain, glossy tile after your latest renovation, it’s easy to transform it into a dry erase board! Simply glue four small magnets to the back corners of the tile so that it can stick to your refrigerator and use it for grocery lists and other reminders.

21. Bar or Kitchen Island Decor

Tile bar surround

Adhere extra tiles to the top or side of your bar or kitchen island to refresh its aesthetic.

22. Garden Markers

If you have a garden, small tiles can make excellent markers to indicate where each type of plant is growing. You can paint a picture of the plant or write its name with permanent marker on each tile.


23. DIY Puzzle

This is a great project if you’re comfortable using a tile cutter. Carefully cut a tile into several different shapes for kids (or adults) to put back together.

24. Kitchen Utensil Holder

Similar to the decorated vase mentioned above, you can wrap a sheet of mosaic tile around a utensil holder or create mosaic artwork on its surface for a creative and functional addition to your kitchen.

25. Chess or Checkerboard

If you have 64 small tiles in two colors (32 of each), you can adhere them to the top of an old table or glue them to a piece of wood to create an 8x8 chess or checkerboard. Don’t forget to apply grout between the tiles!

26. Tile Clock

Purchase a set of analog clock parts from a craft store and attach them to a tile for a one-of-a-kind clock.

27. Bird Bath Decor

Decorate a bird bath with mosaic tile or carefully break large tiles into small pieces to create your own mosaic bird bath decor.

28. Small Backsplash

Small kitchen backsplash

If any areas in your house could use a small backsplash, such as the space behind your stove, between two cabinets, or behind your bathroom sink, your extra tiles can make a difference! This guide to installing a backsplash may come in handy.

29. Candle Holder

Spruce up a candle holder by creating mosaic art with small pieces of tile or wrapping a sheet of small tile around it.


30. Garden Bench Decor

Adhere large tiles to the back or seat of a garden bench for a new look.

31. House Numbers

To create eye-catching house numbers, 4x4 tiles may be ideal. Simply attach metal numbers or use weatherproof paint to paint the numbers onto each tile and hang them on your house to make your address stand out.

32. Drawer Pulls

Small tiles can be attached to metal or wood drawer pulls to refresh a side table, nightstand, dresser, or set of bathroom drawers.

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