14 DIY Project Ideas for Leftover Tiles

Hands holding extra tile

Do you have extra tiles left over from your most recent home renovation project? Today, we’ll be talking about 14 DIY project ideas to use up your tile and create something beautiful and functional from the excess!

1. Revamp Your Bathroom Mirror

One way to use up those extra tiles is to create a frame around your mirror with them. This is a particularly great idea if you’ve just retiled your shower and have some extras lying around. Adding the same tile to the frame of your bathroom mirror will tie your interior design together and give the room a more cohesive look.

Just cut your tiles as needed and attach them to the frame of the mirror using high-quality tile adhesive. You’ll also want to apply grout in between the tiles in the color of your choice.

2. Make Placemats and Coasters

Cups sitting on tile coasters 

Tile coasters and placemats are an easy project that you’ll get plenty of use out of. All you’ll need to do is glue velvet or felt to the back of the tiles. If you have small tiles, they’ll be perfect as coasters, and larger ones work well for placemats. Of course, you can also cut the tiles to size and sand the edges or finish them with caulk so that they won’t be too sharp.

3. Transform a Table

Another great project to complete with leftover tile is a table transformation. Use tile adhesive to attach your tile to the surface of the tabletop for an all-new look, and fill in the spaces between tiles with grout.

4. Create a Tile Tray

Trays made from tile  

For those who only have an extra tile or two, a fantastic idea is to create a serving board or sideboard tray. You can attach the tile to a piece of wood or add sticky felt pads to the back of the tile so that it doesn’t scratch any surfaces. Finish the project by gluing on handles if you’d like.

5. Dress Up a Bookshelf

If you have a bookshelf that’s mainly used to hold decor, consider attaching your leftover tile to the insides of the shelves. This will serve as a gorgeous, eye-catching backdrop for all of your treasured trinkets and decor pieces!

6. Construct a Garden Pathway

Tile path in backyard 

If your remaining tile is durable enough to survive the elements, consider constructing a garden pathway and upgrading your landscaping.

7. Enhance a Light Fixture

You can use any type of tile for this purpose, but glass tile looks especially lovely for enhancing light fixtures. If you have any outdated fixtures in your home, transform them by attaching tile.

8. Assemble Unique Vases or Planters

Black tile planter 

Maybe you have some basic planters or vases sitting around, and they could use a bit of a makeover. You can carefully break your tiles with a hammer and attach them to the outside of the vase mosaic-style, or attach entire tiles to the planter.

9. Design Wall Decor

If you have patterned tile, try putting it inside a picture frame or shadow box to serve as a fun and easy piece of wall art.

10. Make a Makeup or Paint Palette

Tile paint palette 

Do you enjoy painting or applying makeup? Consider using leftover tile with a glossy finish as a palette. It’s the perfect surface for mixing together multiple shades of foundation or paint, and it’s also easy to clean!

11. Build a Window Frame

Similar to the bathroom mirror frame mentioned earlier in this blog post, you can also create a unique window frame using extra tile.

12. Beautify Your Headboard

Tile headboard 

Another fun project to complete with extra tile is a custom headboard. Simply attach the tile to your existing headboard or use a large piece of wood to serve as the backing.

13. Form House Numbers

Want to make your home’s entrance stand out, or ensure that delivery men will be able to easily distinguish your house number? Use a few extra tiles and attach metal numbers to them, or paint numbers onto the tiles to put together an eye-catching and functional display.

14. Create Fridge Magnets

Fridge with tile magnets 

If you have extra penny tile, cut it apart and attach magnets to the back for some simple fridge magnets. Leftover glossy tile, especially if it’s white or light-colored, can also serve as a magnetic dry-erase board!

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