Everything You Need to Know About Large-Format Tile

Skye Gris 32x32 Porcelain Tile

Over the past decade, large-format tile has been a growing trend. While smaller tile has been and will continue to be a popular choice, many homeowners and interior designers are now opting for the opposite. Join us in this blog post as we talk about what large-format tile is, its advantages and drawbacks, and the best places to install it.

What Is Large-Format Tile?

Skye Beige 32x32 Porcelain Tile

Large-format tile is defined as a tile with at least one edge measuring 15 inches or more. This type of tile usually comes in a square or rectangular shape and can be made from stone, porcelain, or ceramic.

Advantages of Large-Format Tile

Let’s dive into the benefits of selecting large-format tile!

Clean and Modern Aesthetic

Veneziane Terrazzo White 24x48 Porcelain Tile 

If you love contemporary interior design, large-format tile is an excellent choice. First, large-format tile has a sleek, clean, and modern look. It has incredible visual appeal, thanks to its smooth, unbroken surface. Plus, large-format tiles come in a massive variety of designs and materials. Even if you’d like to stick to porcelain due to its lower price point, you can find porcelain large-format tiles that look like marble, stone, concrete, metal, or wood.

Makes Small Spaces Appear Larger

Flake Terrazzo Black 30x30 Porcelain Tile 

Large tiles have a visually expansive effect on small spaces. Using lots of tiny tiles in a small room lends itself to a busy, overwhelming aesthetic that makes the area seem even smaller. Large-format tiles do the opposite! A helpful tip is to select grout that matches the tile so that the grout lines blend in rather than breaking up the smooth visual. For more information on making small spaces look larger with tile, click here.

Fewer Grout Lines

Macauba Blue 48x48 Porcelain Tile 

Another benefit of selecting large-format tile is fewer grout lines. Large-format tile offers more coverage than the average tile, requiring less grout between each piece. Instead, the tile appears to be one continuous surface and can even create a “wallpaper effect” that makes it an excellent replacement for painted or wallpapered walls.

Easy Maintenance

Salamanca Beige 24x48 Basalt Look Porcelain Tile 

As mentioned previously, large-format tile has fewer grout lines, which means easier maintenance! Grout tends to stain and discolor easily, and nobody enjoys scrubbing it and attempting to maintain its original clean look. With large-format tile, there’s less grout to deal with, and the tile itself can be quickly and easily wiped down with no need for special attention and care.

No Structural Re-Engineering Required

Emporio Calacatta Gold 32x32 Porcelain Tile 

Because large-format tile is very thin, there’s no need to install extra support or re-engineer the structure of your home before installation. Some types of thicker, heavier tile require extra prep work, but with large format tile, you don’t have to worry about any additional pre-installation steps.


Flamen Blanco 12x24 Porcelain Tile 

We mentioned that large-format tile tends to be quite thin, and because it’s manufactured this way, it doesn’t use huge quantities of material. Therefore, prices tend to be very affordable, regardless of the material used.

Quick Installation

Flamen Gris 12x24 Porcelain Tile 

Although it’s recommended that a professional completes installation, the job generally doesn’t take much time. With a smaller quantity of tiles used, there’s not as much work to do, and without the need for many grout lines, everything goes much faster.

Drawbacks of Large-Format Tile

Flake Terrazzo Light Gray 30x30 Porcelain Tile 

Along with its many benefits, there are also some drawbacks you should consider before selecting large-format tile for your interior design project.


The biggest inconvenience of this type of tile is that it’s very heavy and can be awkward to carry. You’ll definitely want to have at least two people available to move the tile into the area where it will be installed.

Challenging to Transport

Going along with our previous point, large-format tile can be challenging to transport. Once it arrives, you may run into problems if you can’t fit the tile through doorways or up and down stairs to get to its final location. For this reason, we highly recommend measuring any potential problem areas before you order the tile.

Requires Professional Installation

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you may be disappointed to hear that hiring a professional tiling contractor is often necessary to complete installation. While the job itself doesn’t take long, you’ll want someone experienced in working with larger tile to do this project.

Prone to Cracking

Large-format tile is typically very thin, which can be both an advantage and a drawback. The potential negative aspect of this is that it’s more prone to cracking during shipping.

The Best Ways to Style Large-Format Tile

Large-format tile is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of areas. Let’s get into the best ways to add it to your home’s interior design!

Kitchen Backsplash

Black Basalt 12x24 Chiseled Tile 

One fantastic choice is to use large-format tile as your kitchen backsplash. While backsplashes often use smaller tile or even mosaic tile, large-format tile creates a smoother, more contemporary look that can induce feelings of calmness. For a complete guide to kitchen backsplashes, take a look at our blog post on the topic.

Walls and Floors

Statuary 24x48 Porcelain Tile 

Of course, you can also use large-format tile for your walls, floors, or both! One of the top tile trends of 2022 is extended floor tile, or floor tile that continues up the wall. Discover the other top tile trends of the year here.

Fireplace Surround

Calacatta Lite 48x48 Porcelain Tile 

Large-format tile also makes for a breathtaking fireplace surround, especially with marble or marble-look porcelain. Visit this blog post for more fireplace tile inspiration.

Shower Surround

Salamanca Graphite 24x48 Basalt Look Porcelain Tile 

Consider using large-format tile to create a truly serene bathroom experience. Whether you’d like to use it for the bathroom flooring, walls, shower surround, backsplash, or all of the above, it’s sure to produce a calming atmosphere.

Counter/Bar Surround

Bianco Venatino 35x35 Polished Porcelain Tile 

Our final recommended placement for large-format tile is around your countertop, kitchen island, or bar. This adds visual interest and plenty of style to the area.

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