Show Your Style with Boho Tile

Show Your Style with Boho Tile

Boho interior design offers a unique way to showcase your individual style. It features influences from various cultures, as well as a mixture of different textures and vibrant colors, paired with plenty of greenery.

If you prefer maximalism to minimalism and love to express yourself creatively through design, then the bohemian style is perfect for you. You’ll often see a collection of personal trinkets, artwork, and photographs in boho spaces.

There’s often an emphasis on functionality and comfort in bohemian interiors. Bohemian-style furniture is ideal for lounging, low to the ground, and adorned with soft throws and plush pillows. Poufs, chaise longues, and rattan chairs are common components of this style. Ambient lighting, like table lamps and candles, ties all the design elements together.

Bohemian Interior Design Characteristics

Continue reading to learn more about several common characteristics of bohemian interior design and discover tile options that correspond with each one.

Multicultural Influences and Traditional Patterns

The boho style is frequently inspired by many different cultures, particularly those of India, Mexico, and Morocco. You’ll see lots of traditional motifs and patterns, often mixed and matched together in a way that only seems to work in a bohemian space. 

Below, we’ve selected a few tile options that embrace various patterns and cultural influences.

Malaga Catalonia 8x8 Porcelain Tile
 Marrakech Modern 8x8 Porcelain Tile
 Marrakech Black Cape 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Marrakech Cape 8x8 Porcelain Tile

Vintage Elements

Vintage elements are another mainstay of the bohemian interior design style. Scroll down to see a few of our favorite retro flooring selections. They’re all black and white, creating an ideal backdrop for colorful furniture and decor.

Malaga Retro 8x8 Porcelain Tile
Simple White and Black Basketweave Ceramic Mosaic 
Bianco Dolomite Octagon with Black Dots Mosaic

Simple Black and White Penny Round Ceramic Mosaic

Natural Materials and Mixed Textures

Jute, wood, silk, wicker, burlap, sisal, chenille, and crushed velvet are just a few of the many materials that can be used in bohemian interiors. Below, you’ll see a couple of gorgeous textured tiles, as well as natural materials like stone and wood (wood-look porcelain, that is).

Ronda Denim 8x8 Porcelain Floor Tile
Urban Brick Anthracite 3x12 Ceramic Tile
Fresno Almond 8x48 Porcelain Tile

Scabos Travertine 12x12 Tumbled Field Tile


Houseplants and succulents are abundant in bohemian spaces, adding a fresh, natural touch. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can embrace this boho characteristic with nature-inspired patterns.

Ronda Leaves 8x8 Porcelain Tile
Glam Gray Leaves Mosaic
Glam Spring Daisy Mosaic

Newport Gold Leaf Glass Mosaic

Bold Colors

While there’s no official color palette for boho interior design, you’ll typically see a combination of warm, earthy shades, jewel tones, bright colors, and black or white backgrounds. Bohemian spaces don’t ever shy away from boldness and vibrance! We’ve curated a few of our favorite colorful tile options below.

Eiffel Oval Green/White 8x8 Porcelain Tile
San Fran Coto 8x8 Porcelain Tile
Nevis Gold Earth Pebble Mosaic

Venice Azul Picket 2x10 Ceramic Tile

Embrace Your Sense of Style at!

Whether you love the boho vibe or prefer more minimalistic interiors, is sure to fulfill your design dreams. Plus, we’ve made it simple to shop for tile online by guaranteeing fast delivery, insured shipments, and easy returns for every order. Click here to explore our full selection, or visit our blog for helpful DIY installation instructions and design inspiration.

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