What Is Bullnose Tile?

What Is Bullnose Tile?

Today’s blog post will cover everything you need to know about bullnose tile! This rounded tile is perfect for giving your home renovation projects a clean, finished edge. Below, we discuss various types of bullnose tiles, common applications, and considerations to keep in mind.

How to Identify Bullnose Tile

You can easily tell bullnose tile apart from regular tile because it has a rounded edge on one side. For this reason, bullnose tile is typically used for trimming or edging rather than covering a large space. You can also think of bullnose tile as a way to transition from a tiled area to a space without tile.

Zellige Emerald Green Bullnose Liner

This Zellige Bullnose Liner comes in 2”x16” and ¾”x16” sizes, making it perfect for edges. It’s available in Emerald Green (shown above), as well as Dark Gray, Light Gray, White, and Midnight Blue.

Bullnose tile can frame the outside of a tile design or cover corners to eliminate sharp angles and hide the sides of unfinished tiles. When shopping for tile, you’ll often notice that many designs come with coordinating bullnose variations. Take our Urban Brick Anthracite ceramic tile, for instance.

Urban Brick field tile and bullnose tile
Our rustic Urban Brick tile pairs perfectly with coordinating bullnose pieces.

Bullnose tile can be used to add a level of safety to a tile design, but it’s most often used to visually complete  a project, thanks to its smooth, finished appearance. 

Because of its rounded edge, bullnose tile tends to be less likely to chip or otherwise sustain damage. Since it extends slightly past other types of tile, it can deflect impact from the tile it borders, protecting your walls or floors. 

Types of Bullnose Tile

You’ll normally find three main types of bullnose tiles: rectangular, square, and corner pieces.

Rectangular Bullnose Tile

Usually measuring 3”x13”, rectangular bullnose tiles tend to be the most common. They’re perfect for bordering a field of tiles on a countertop or backsplash. Since they’re so long, you may only need to buy a few of them to complete your trim.

Square Bullnose Tile

Most square bullnose tiles measure 4”x4” or 6”x6”. These tiles are cut into squares with rounded edges and can be used to create a checkered look.

Corner Bullnose Tile

Corner bullnose tile features two rounded edges (instead of one) that create an L-shape. It’s meant to be placed at the corner of a tile design and is often used in backsplashes and accent walls.

Bullnose Tile Applications

Here are some of the most common applications for bullnose tile:

Considerations for Bullnose Tile

Although bullnose tile can come with plenty of benefits, there are also some considerations and potential drawbacks to keep in mind.


Although you’ll often find bullnose tiles that coordinate with your chosen field tiles, they aren’t always manufactured at the same time. This can result in some variance in appearance. In addition, bullnose tile’s standard sizes may not always match up with your field tile’s dimensions.


Bullnose tiles are harder to install than more typical types of tile. They usually require extra grout, which can also mean they cost a bit more to install. Plus, as mentioned above, the size of the bullnose tiles may not always be ideal for your project, which can mean additional cutting is necessary.


Although bullnose tile can result in a smooth, finished appearance, it’s sometimes viewed as an outdated design choice.


It’s crucial to sketch out your tile design ahead of time and make sure you’ve measured your bullnose tile correctly and included it in your plans. Bullnose tiles are usually sold individually, so be sure to budget for them accordingly.

Our Bullnose Tile Favorites

Below, find a few bullnose tile selections from our product range. 

St. Lucia Green 2.5x5 Bullnose Ceramic Tile
Timeless Ice White 3x6 Short Side Bullnose Ceramic Tile
Calacatta Gold Bullnose Liner
Carrara White Bullnose Liner
Scabos Travertine Bullnose Liner
Emperador Dark Bullnose Liner
Bianco Dolomite Bullnose Liner

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