Bring the Outdoors Inside with These Nature-Inspired Tiles

Room painted green with plants

Tying natural elements into your interior design has numerous benefits. It can reduce stress, improve emotional well-being, and stimulate creativity and productivity. A room decorated with a natural color palette helps many people feel calm and centered, and bringing in other elements of nature only enhances these feelings. This blog post will showcase a few beautiful nature-inspired tile options and talk about fun ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Encaustic Look Ronda Leaves Porcelain Tile

Encaustic Look Ronda Leaves Porcelain Tile

This creative and eye-catching encaustic-look porcelain tile allows you to create an indoor jungle. The leaf graphics feature soft green tones on a neutral background. This tile works for both walls and floors and can be used creatively in conjunction with other encaustic-look tile options. Turn your bathroom or kitchen into an oasis with a natural atmosphere.

Leaf Gray Crackled Glass and Stone Mosaic

Leaf Gray Crackled Glass and Stone Mosaic

For a more understated natural aesthetic, check out this Leaf Gray Crackled Glass and Stone Mosaic. With a mixture of marble and glass in white and taupe-y gray, this tile makes a statement without stealing the spotlight. It looks especially lovely as a kitchen backsplash.

Newport Beach Wave Chevron Glass Mosaic Blend

Newport Beach Wave Chevron Glass Mosaic Blend

Reminiscent of ocean waves, this chevron-style mosaic tile features a striking combination of stained glass in multiple colors. While this tile is eye-catching and adds tons of visual interest to any room, its colors aren’t too bold or striking–perfect for inducing feelings of calmness and stress relief. This is another tile that looks amazing as a backsplash, either in the kitchen or bathroom. It could also be used for shower walls or even to line your pool.

Thassos White and Azul Celeste Daisy Flowers Mosaic

Thassos White and Azul Celeste Daisy Flowers Mosaic

Of course, flowers are a clear representation of nature, and the soft blue and white shades of this flower mosaic tile are perfect for walls or floors. This tile consists of Carrara White marble and Blue Palissandro marble, which bring a touch of elegance and opulence to your interior design.

Chanelle Emerald Green Ceramic Tile

Chanelle Emerald Green Ceramic Tile

When asked what color best emulates nature, most people will say green. This deep emerald shade adds depth and intrigue while still having a calming effect on the space. It has a unique texture and glossy finish, and it can be installed as a traditional subway tile or in a horizontal or vertical grid for a one-of-a-kind look.

Antigua Mystic Blue Fishscale Porcelain Mosaic

Antigua Mystic Blue Fishscale Porcelain Mosaic

With shades of blue, tan, and white that evoke a beachy feel, this fishscale porcelain mosaic is a wonderful addition to beach- or ocean-inspired rooms. It makes for a terrific luxury backsplash, shower wall, or pool accent tile.

Tips for Integrating Nature into Your Interior Design

Aside from installing nature-inspired tile, there are plenty of ways to integrate nature into your interior design!

Choose Your Favorite Plants
Room filled with plants

Whether you have a green thumb or do better with faux plants, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can buy fresh (or artificial) flowers or opt for potted plants and trees. Another option is to create terrariums or select easy-to-care-for succulents. Planting herbs on your windowsill is a fun project that not only brings an element of nature into your home, but also provides you with delicious ingredients for your next meal. Additionally, a vertical garden feature will truly stand out and make an impact.

Include Other Natural Elements

Seashells, branches, rocks, gems, and twigs are all examples of natural elements that you can weave into your interior design. Even a simple zen garden includes aspects of nature and is particularly nice to have in a home office space.

Bring In Natural Light

 Dining room with large windows

Natural light improves productivity and focus, provides Vitamin D, regulates circadian rhythms, and increases overall well-being. A few ways to bring more natural light into your home include opening windows whenever possible, opting for sheer drapes, placing reflective materials across from windows, and installing skylights.

Add Flowing Water

The sound and look of flowing water can be comforting and calming. An aquarium, fountain, or even a white noise app can fulfill this purpose.

Use Natural Materials

 Rattan chairs

There are plenty of opportunities to use natural materials in your home, such as furnishings, countertops, and flooring. Examples of these natural materials include granite, cork, wicker, rattan, hemp, leather, wool, bamboo, wood, and stone. Their look and texture can help you feel more connected to nature, even when you’re indoors.

Display Natural Landscapes

Paintings and other artwork with natural landscapes can help you relax, and you can also select flooring, wall coverings, and fabrics with nature-inspired designs.

Stick with a Natural Palette

Choosing colors that are found in nature for your interior design results in a lovely, neutral palette throughout the home. Think cream-colored sand, rich brown earth, blue sky and water, and green grass as inspiration for your color scheme.

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