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How to Install a Marble Tile Backsplash

The key to completing this project in a weekend is careful planning and having all the materials on hand before you start. To determine how much tile you'll need, use a tape measure to determine the length and height of all areas to be tiled and jot down these measurements in feet. To calculate square footage, multiply length by height, then add 10 percent to your total to allow for waste. Check local tile or big box stores to ensure they have enough of your chosen tile in stock. If not, you may have to special order, which typically requires 2-4 weeks for delivery. Also, call around to local tool rental shops to compare prices and place a reserve on...

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9 Hard Questions to Ask When Shopping for Stone

Deciding to use stone and choosing the kind to use are more complicated than just picking a finish you like. Because stone is a natural material, its appearance, durability and production can vary from one quarry to another, and from one batch to another, causing problems (or in some cases, providing benefits) you might not have anticipated. Here are nine questions you should consider before buying stone. Candace Nordquist Interiors How thick does it need to be? Floor and wall tiles for interiors are usually ⅜ inch thick, while countertop slabs are typically 2 centimeters (¾ inch) or 3 centimeters (1¼ inches) thick. Exterior stone pavers could be 1½ inches or thicker. Differences in counter and paver thicknesses can usually...

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Carrara or Calacatta ?

Carrara or Calacatta? People often mix up these two marbles, so I decided to create an ideabook to illustrate the differences. These terms are used interchangeably because both of these Italian marbles are very similar in appearance: white with gray veining. To add to the confusion, much of Calacatta comes from Carrara, Italy. In general, Carrara tends to be grayer with softer veining, while Calacatta is whiter with bolder more dramatic veining. There are additional subtle differences and once you know what to look for, you should be able to distinguish between Carrara and Calacatta. Let’s compare some Houzz examples: Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC Calacatta: The patterning on this one is predominately larger and thick. Olga Adler Save Photo Carrara:...

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Using White Marble: Hot Debate Over a Classic Beauty

That gorgeous Carrara and Calacatta marble, with their classic white and gray veining, has been used for centuries in homes and public venues. But these days, this natural marble is striking up a debate among homeowners, contractors and designers. We all love the look, but the debate about the maintenance and wearability is bringing up questions about when white marble is appropriate to use. As the specifying interior designer, I’ve been in the middle of these debates between clients who love the look and contractors wary of wear. So I decided to bring in tile and marble expert Melissa Patterson, showroom manager of Renaissance Tile & Bath, to walk us through the pros, cons, maintenance, and how to make the...

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